I Believe!

“I Believe in what He said..I will Trust Him till I die, He has never failed me yet!” These are words from one of my fav uplifting gospel songs by Dorothy Norwood. Truer words could not be spoken. In the book of Galatians Paul, a converted believer in the Messiah Yeshua, tells Why He now Believes. He thought he knew God and His Word…he was a devote Jew yet not a believer of the Messiah – the Messiah Yahweh said would come to save them by Grace which is the fulfillment of the Word of God. Clearly man could not fulfill the Law set down by God and thru His Love He made a way for His Children thru His Grace. Thru God’s Love He sent His Son to bring clarity to The Way to live on Earth as it is in Heaven. A son willing to die in standing Firm in the Promises and Way of His Father, a son willing to sacrifice himself that we might Know God, Our Father. That we might Know His attributes and all the LOVE He has for us. To share God’s promises for our lives….proving all things Can work to the Good in ALL those who Believe and Trust in Him. He didn’t say who believe and trust in a Religion. He said who Trust, Believe, and Obey the Words of the Father.

In the beginning God didn’t apply the label of Jew nor did Jesus apply the title of Christian to God’s walk of Life. Man did that. The Word/ The Way as Jesus said is for ALL nations and All God’s children. It isn’t that God is excluding anyone from His Love or being a part of the Kingdom of God however, just as in your home God can’t allow mankind to run rampant creating darkness, division, and destruction. Those are Not characteristics of LOVE which is how His house operates. It is really just that simple. Love bears the Good fruit of forgiveness, mercy, Grace, long suffering, sharing with thy neighbor, service and the list goes on and on.. Hate, complaining, back biting, grumbling, jealousy, and so on bear bad fruit, destruction, and division and a house divided cannot stand.

I hear often it is not so simple to live in the life of Love or how do I know His Word is true?  There are times I agree on the not so simple..however in those times is when I have stepped out of the Kingdom of God and into the Kingdom of Man and the consequences and emotions only make me feel depressed and disappointed in myself. And it certainly isn’t bearing testimony of God’s Love or uplifting anyone including me. Each Day I rise cultivating my inner garden and pulling out those weeds…each day I seek the Word and plant Good Seed in the garden praying that seed grows and grows within me that I can and Will become One in the fullness of the Love of God.  I Know it is Possible because I BELIEVE in the Word(s). I BELIEVE because I have had so many experiences in many different “religious beliefs” where God/Love revealed itself proving ” Love works when you work it” no matter the title we give it. It is but by the Grace of God I am even hear to share these Words with you. I took the walk down into the valley of the shadow of Death and was Lifted up Reborn to continue on and LIVE, to Testify and say I am a Witness to the Truth of the Word, of God’s Love and Yes, Yes I BELIEVE His Promises and ALL He said He will Do within me.

Have a Blessed Day. Shalom.

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