Give what you Have…

In this season of giving all to often we think even believe that giving must be a physical thing…something of monetary value. This could not be further from the Truth. Part of the problem we have, especially in America, is we think to give we must BUY, BUY, BUY Gifts..over extending ourselves EVEN when we Don’t have it to extend. In turn, this stresses us out and creates distention, grouchy attitudes, and often resentment. Now that over extended “giving” is darn sure from the place of a “cheerful” giver. This year it would all be to our benefit if we take heed to the verse in 2 Corinthians 9:7  “As every man purposeth in his heart, so let him give, not grudgingly or out of compulsion; for God loveth the cheerful giver.” 

The need to BUY and Give is a People Pleasing action. Our spiritual walk is not one that calls us to People Please but, one to LOVE one another. “Love”  is a Much Bigger, Better Gift than Stuff, more than any monetary giving, more than out doing the next guy. Yes, in the holidays people even tend to try to one up one another or feel guilty because they didn’t get as big or as expensive a gift as someone else did. STOP that! Even if you didn’t ” BUY ” a gift at all you have NOTHING to feel guilty about. You always have Gifts to Give: Your Love, your Hugs, your Smile, your Uplifting Words, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and the list goes on.  Maybe you and someone in the family have had a tiff…both are stubborn…what a GIFT to lay that tiff aside and Forgive. That Forgiveness will heal you Both. Trust me that Forgiveness is a GIFT much more important than any “bought gift”. The Best Gifts I have ever received are those of Mercy, Forgiveness, compassion given from the heart. Those simple gifts like: a rock painted by my grand daughter, a surprise visit, a Hug right when I really needed it, the words “ I love You” and you can “hear” the sincerity of those Words, a warm Smile, etc. I recently received a little box made by a friend (not an expensive box) but, clearly made with me in mind, the color of the box, the decoration she used on it and in it makes that box a cherished box. Why?  Because she thought of ME while she made it! That means so much more than a Fancy bought box made by some factory.  Everyone has a Gifts to share…an internal Gift. It is Not the External Gift that brings Happiness. If you activate the Gifts God gave you and Give from your heart, what you HAVE within, it is so much more special. You can use those inner gifts to make an Outer gift and that gift becomes beyond Special. Like the gift of sincere Words written in a Card, a CD made of music shared between you and that person, cookies made by hand, a sandwich made with LOVE, a plant you grew yourself and share a clipping, use your voice and sing a song, or light some candles and dance with the one you love…or just lie back, relax, and Talk…take the TIME to stop and Spend Time with the ones you Love… that is more important than dropping in with attitude of I only got a minute, handing a bought gift, and “gotta go.”   So, this season…Put some Thought into what GIFT you are giving. Don’t give more than what you HAVE to give it will dampen the Joy of the giving…if your spirit is not smiling while you are preparing the Gift…how it that a gift of a “cheerful giver”?

HUGS to ALL!!! May you all Give and Receive Gifts from the Heart!

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