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In everyday life I have or hear so many conversations about our health. So, I wanted to share this site full of Great info and tools toward being a better You.
As of Friday, I began my steps down ” Love Thyself Avenue”  –
Many thanks to so many who knowingly and often unknowingly shed light on needed improvements within me and for the encouragement to keep stepping.     My list of THANKFULNESS during this week of Thanksgiving is just brimming over. 
My Goal: to reach the ultimate & Best of the ” I AM within ME”
I haven’t been the greatest at “loving Me” in my walk of Life. All to often I venture off down “Sedentary Lane” or “Procrastination Avenue”  especially, the last couple of years. The Spirit has been pushing Hard that I get serious about the journey of walking in the Love and Spirit of God which was breathed  ” within me & Stop That !”   It hurts not only me, it bleeds out into my life around me.
Thanks to Wayne Dyer Meditation Video “I Am that I Am” my heart and mind were opened even further giving me the one more push I needed to Get Up, Let Go, and Get Movin’  Check it out:
One of the pushes is to go forward with my ministry calling..which involves loving my neighbor as myself. So here I go, gathering & sharing the tools & seeds to cultivate a healthy inner and outer garden which will “if we choose to use them” allow us to Live in the garden of LOVE, on Earth as it is in Heaven.. 
This site was so right on I had to laugh. My Dr. told me a year ago foods I should be eating. Based on info I entered on this site it came back with the best foods for ME..those very same types of foods. If that isn’t loud and clear enough I need to get my ears checked.  Below is 1st couple of days of my 7 day meal plan … mmmmmm Good.
Inline image 1
Have a Blessed Day and if you decided to join me…Comment  & let me know so we can encourage and support one another as we walk our journey down ” Love Thyself Avenue”  
Rev. Renee’ Jones
3 Keys to Success:  Love, Thankfulness, & Letting Go = Perfect Peace

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