Can you feel that beat?

Music has an amazing impression on Life. Whether it be man, nature, or beast Music can change the way the day is going.  A seed of life that without a doubt keeps us growing…one direction or another.  Think about it…how do you feel “really” with screaming rock ?…I am not talking about “real rock”  I am talking about screaming lyrics you can barely understand accompanied by screaming guitars and pounding drums. And I do realize the screaming rock serves a purpose with some but, you have got to admit lovey, relaxed, & joyful are not descriptions that come to mind.

Anyway, point is: High up there on the pole are the seeds planted in our ears. Have you listened lately to what all you are allowing to float into your garden and take root. How the flow of those instruments played, resonant within and cultivate Life. And have you noticed what Life is growing as a result? Is it food to your heart and emotions that make you smile? Or Cry? Or maybe it’s a sound just breezing thru, one more time…an old song that brought both joy and tears.. what are you feeling now as you listen? Maybe it’s one that you should kiss & say good bye? Has it made you cry tears of joy or sadness? Is what your hearing leading you astray? Back to times of old…times that need to stay forgotten? Or are you listening to one of those songs that used to hold some pain… but now, you see how far you’ve come and they bring a Smile. One of those songs you hear Jesus saying, ” All things work to the Good, In Him”  Maybe now when you hear that ole love song your mind does a tweek and now it’s become a PRAISE sung to my BFF, Jesus.  Like Hall and Oates ” Sara Smile” ( it brings my mind and heart to Me & JC ). smile  how about some scientific info:

Yes, we must watch what we “listen” to & be considerate of what we share with others. Oh and what music we play in our Literal gardens too.  Yes, PLANTS love music and respond – that is a proven fact:  What about your pets? Have you paid attention to their responses, attitude, and behavior when music is playing?  You think they like what you like?  Not – check this out:

This weeks To Do is: Stop gabbing on the phone or watching TV and Listen to some Music ! Pay attention to your responses, your pets, your children, your mate, your plants as you listen.  Do ya wanna dance?!  Sing, cry, shouts Praises of Joy or anger?

What seeds are awakening within you as you “listen” ?

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