When You Look….

Do you ever sit down in your house & turn off ?  You know – the TV, Radio, Computer, Phones, & even your Mind. LOL  If you haven’t try it and if you have here is where I am going with this…

Once you are there, What do you see? Do you look around whatever room you are in? Is your home set up for you or the way ” they” (whoever that is) says it should be? Does it feel warm and comforting? Does your inner self look around and say, ” Ahhhh, boy my family is good lookin’! (must take after their father’s side.) LOL  I just love that ole lantern of Daddy’s…boy, Cheri is a good artist…(sigh) I love my bedroom set .. oh, hello Mother I see your spirit layin’ out your outfit on “our” bed. It’s Nice you hangin’ out with me sometimes. I love PaBoyd’s wardrobe too…but, I sure can’t image it being my only closet!What am I sayin’?,I can image…I have had no closet before..not even a rough over my head for that matter — guess I had filed that away ..Wow am I Blessed! ” Time has flown by and I sure have come a long way…Thank YOU JESUS.. These are just some of the things that I see when I look around my house. Things that bring me smiles and Joy..

Now, inquiring minds would like to know…Do you look at All you have? What do you see? Does your home bring you Joy? Is there the essence of Love and Coziness? Does it speak to those that walk into it?  Ya know, does it say “Welcome?” I love HGTV but, there are many times I say to myself, ” hmmmm. looked just like the last home…to cookie cuter for me” And then there are the ones that look sterile. My fav HGTV is an older season that was called, ” Big Style, Small Spaces” (check it out on Netflix) – those places have Character. That is my kinda house. Smile

Yes, I believe it is important that YOU (and your family) if you don’t live alone, be able to enjoy your home, relax, turn off and chill…feel the Love…appreciate your Blessings. While your sitting there be Thankful…think about that…Being Thankful, I mean..think of how many can’t sit in their homes all cozy, turned off, and chillin’ listening to some Wayne Dyer and get a Lift as your walking down the Memory Lane of your house.

Ok, once you are back up and goin’ how about sharin’ some love & your blessings with thy neighbor – we all have some neighbors that could use a hand. Do something or give something that may give them a little time of, ” Ahhhhh, it sure is nice to relax a minute”   No neighbors receptive .. go volunteer at a shelter…or take a picnic basket, chairs, an umbrella,  a blanket and find a homeless person to have lunch with…they need moments of “AHHHH”  too.    BTW, If they have a place and need for the stuff you brought…let them have it.

Peace !     I am off to enjoy my kitchen now..it is time for early dinner.

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