Getting your Soil (Soul) Ready

This week I am going to focus on Step # 4: Getting your soil (Soul) in the outer/inner gardens ready. How do you know when your Soil (Soul) is in prime shape? What you need to do to get it in shape. BTW, if you haven’t read and begun Steps 1 – 3 in my last post, I suggest you Stop and go back to it. Once you have read it you can determine whether you need to start at the beginning and come back to this or maybe you are at this place in both your inner and outer gardens & are ready to move on. BTW, I suggest you read all the related posts to “Better Late than Never” as even if you already have a garden, things might be revealed that didn’t come to light previously. And should you not be able to do the “actual outer garden”, you can still do these steps on your inner garden anytime and anywhere. SMILE Just remember you can do an outer garden even in the house in pots.

OK, Step # 4:  Going forward with your gardens. Check your it ripe and ready to add into the area you have chosen for your outer garden? As for your Soul; this past week should we should have been throwing out the scraps, pulling out the weeds (obstacles of life), and junking them into your journal (your compost) Is it ready? Did you dig deep and get rid of the rotting junk in your mind and heart garden? You see the reading His Word of Grace, Mercy, Joy, LOVE & so on and so on is what guides you to soften your heart and know what needs tossed onto the compost. Reminder:”With Love we can turn a hard Heart (clay soil) into a workable Soul ” How? by following His commandments to Love God, Yourself, and they Neighbor.

So, what stage is your soil (soul) in right NOW?  Some may have soil (souls) already partially created and some not: The perfect way to know if your outer gardens soil is in prime shape: consult the Worms. Earthworms are one of the surest non-technical ways to tell how healthy your soil is: the more there are, the healthier your soil. But which comes first, the earthworm or the healthy soil? Actually, it’s up to you – See more at:   Good soil will be a darker brown and crumbly to the touch, loose enough to allow air and water to flow thru it. Good soil has a “moderation combo” of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium & lime along with a right level of PH. All things your plants “depend on.”  Ya know our bodies have 8 essential nutrients it needs to operate at it’s best & where do those come from? From what we eat which comes from where?  The Soil…see how we are so intertwined, how important the Earth is to mankind. Because when your outer is out of balance trust me your inner gets whacky too, all the way down into your heart and soul.   Did you know: Your body pH balance or Acid/Alkaline Balance is critical to your good health and avoiding chronic diseases!  check it out these 2 websites for more info:  &

Yep once again I got side tracked (clearly my inner and outer garden needs more attention to address my attention issue. LOL ) Ok. the PH is a measure of soil acidity or alkalinity on a scale of 1-14.   # 7 is a neutal amount and is the preferred level.  Now get this: The # 7 in God’s word is the number of completeness and perfection (both physically and spiritually) It derives its meaning from being tied directly to God’s creation of all things. Coincidence or Intended by God during His Creation?  I of course believe ” Intended in His Creation” Check out this site for more details about the # 7 in the Bible. & not only is the #7 relevant to just the Bible. Google it’s relations in other beliefs and even scientifically – check out this knowledge:   And yes, we can obtain the level of # 7; completeness & perfection. Jesus said so: Matt: 5: 48 “Therefore, you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. ” Philippians 3:12 Not that I have already obtained or have already become perfect, but I press on that I may lay hold of that which was laid hold of by Yeshua (Jesus). HOW? Psalm 19:7 The law of the Lord is perfect, Restoring the SOUL, the testimony of the Lord (Jesus) is Sure, making Wise the Simple.”  That is what these posts are about…learning the how to create the perfect gardens both inside and out. As One is dependent on the other. We need to get back to the Original design of Creation, so we can operate at our Fullest and bear the Best Fruit.

So, test your Soil & Soul. Is it softer? Or is it still hard & needs more Toil & tilling? For the outer garden here is a site that will give guidance in Tilling.

As for the inner Soul if you haven’t taken any steps to water the heart with His Word, you can start this during Any Season of Life. Or maybe you haven’t done enough preparation to begin the tilling segment. If so, stay within steps 1-3 and keep on watering your soul. Here are a few more steps that will aid you in the preparations: Maybe you forgot the tools & any gardener must have tools:   Stillness     Quietness   Meditation which allows the hardness to be broken.  In these 3 things you should come to the place of Pulling & tossing out those things which hurt – which harden your hearts.. yep put them right over into your ” journal” (your compost can.)

If your outer and your inner garden is softened and prepared you can proceed to Tilling the Soil (Soul). This involves stirring, mixing, and adding in NEW minerals and amendments to the Soil (Soul). Weeds may still be sprouting up..pull them. The best way to eliminate them is “Choke the Life right out of them” How? Replace your old thoughts. Amend your thinking. Move your thoughts away from the obstacles of Life toward the Blessings found in Every Day. Water the mind with Good Word(s), with Love. Speak Good Things on your life and the life of others. Mix up your comfort zones, stir in new insights, ideas, and experiences. In your Outer mix in your compost pile, new Soil, and new nutrients & pull any weeds found there too. Tilling is a very important part of preparing the Soil (Soul) before they receive your New seeds.

OK folks…now that I have posted this I can see I have some more composting to do before I begin my tilling so off I go to meditate on the Words of my BFF, Jesus and pull some more weeds.  Good luck and please feel free to post your insights on this subject. Just click on Comment. All good tips are welcome. Hugs.



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