“Better Late Than Never”

Or should that be ” Better Sooner than Later?”

Personally, I say that depends on where you are in the garden. If you have a pretty New garden, it’s cleaned out, & you are ready to plant seeds…then for sure “sooner than later” is your best laid plan. You see if you procrastinate & are led astray to do other stuff, others and nature will take over planting seeds that generally bear weeds not good fruit in either garden – outer and inner garden. You see both gardens in the beginning are fresh new gardens of the heart. Soft, loving gardens willing to accept all things. They don’t know, they are baby gardens seeing all things with wide eyes. They need a Master Gardner that plants and tends to them with lots of TLC, protects them from the elements, & aids in their growing strong that the seeds planted ” will ” bear “good fruit” for themselves and their neighbors. This was/is the plan for All things on Earth – To plant seed that grows in LOVE which in turn bears “good fruit” for you and your neighbor. Earth and all things in it were designed by a loving Father for His children. So, best case scenario tending your gardens “sooner than later”. As a parent raising the child, plant good seed that produces Joy in the garden that make you Both happy to be alive, brings smiles, puts food on the table, and provides a sense of peace both within and without. If you are young person learned enough to make your own choices then same applies: Choose good things that resonate with all the good within you. By experience I can testify, You and the Earth are better for it. Best to begin by following the top 2 gardening rules of the Designer . Those are found in Matthew 22: spoken by the #1 Master Gardner known in Earths Hall of Fame, my BFF Yeshua (Jesus) He said  ” Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”  And if you want More good seed on this subject, it can be found in The Words written in Leviticus 19: 9-18.

Now as for my title ” Better Later than Never” – that is for the more ” mature” garden. I say that with italics because it is a term used for the more grown up gardens. Unfortunately, “grown” doesn’t always fit the definition of “mature” “fully developed” FULLY would mean in all areas.. physically, mentally, & spiritually. ( FULL: having no empty space) Notice how if you really pay attention to the words it can change the whole meaning of what has been planted? Yes, planted…words are seeds planted in the mind and if they take root in the heart…ok let’s not side track. (a habit I am working on breaking..smile) Based on the Fact that a grown garden doesn’t mean “mature” that is where “better late than never” comes in.  You see in “grown” garden, all to often, the development of the gardens have fell on neglect, a lack of interest, and some even left totally to the elements. There are too many weeds, the bones of the garden are dry, & might even look darn near hopeless. You look within and without and Joy and Peace are not the fruits either are bearing. Never fear! It’s not over yet! Nope, you are in the “better late than never” season. And as long as there is anything Living in those gardens; there IS Hope. It will take lots of TLC and some/maybe lots of work but, you will be amazed at what ” CAN BE” Resurrected in your gardens.

So, let’s look at the 1st  3 Steps to starting your gardens Anew!

And I do mean Plural gardens literally…this is a work them together, both inner and outer gardens 2016 Plan. smile You will be pleasantly surprised, I think, at the results if you will work the Two together. Ok, 1st things first Pull out that Weed root and all that is saying, “I don’t have time. You DO have time.” Think about it for a minute: How about Turn off the TV, computer, etc. for just One hour & give your mind some Oneness in the garden(s). That said let’s get started!

1.) Choose the right spot in the garden.   You can’t do everything at once. I know many of us think we are Wonder Woman or Bionic Man but, that is part of our problem we need to slow down and begin at the beginning. All this “gotta have it right this minute is not helping us out at all) We need to take time to ” Mature” So, find one area you think you can work in that you will stick with until finished. In the actual garden: maybe a small corner of the yard or a mini greenhouse on your patio. Something manageable. In the inner garden: look at your habits: good or bad?? I feel safe in saying there are probably several bad habits so choose a couple and write them down.

2.) Choose your garden layout and the good seeds you wish to plant. So how do you want your garden to look? What is the end result you want to have? What seeds are pleasing to your eye? What fruit do you want to be flowering in your heart and in your outer garden? Did you know Veggies and many other edible plants have flowers?

3.) Composting: mixture of decayed or decaying organic matter used to fertilize the soil. ” we turned clay soil (soul) into workable soil (soul) by composting it. For the literal garden: You can do this with a trash can, in a back corner of the yard, even a bucket with a lid. http://study.com/academy/lesson/what-is-composting-definition-and-examples.html    For the inner garden: many are already part way there: hard hearts full of decayed old matter. But, like it says, even hard clay soil can be turned into workable soil. Know: All things can work to the good when you mix it with some Tender Loving Care.

OK…I leave you to get your journal, tablet, or notebook to get the mind going on these first 3 steps to your New or Resurrection Garden(s)




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