What does your garden grow?

Does this question have you thinking of only a Literal Outer garden? If so, know that this year, 2016 I will be addressing both the “inner” and the “outer” gardens in our lives.  Now you say, ” well, I don’t have an outer garden to address”. Yes, you do…we all do in some fashion. You eat & drink don’t you? You live in a house and utilize things made of paper daily right?  Those things come from a garden somewhere and all of us play a part in the cultivating of the “gardens” both ours, our neighbors, and those outer gardens created by our neighbors in the world. None of us can survive without “the gardens of Life.” Those being our Bodies, the Earth, the Universe. Together these Produce Life as we know it. Back in the day, man was more in tune with importance of TLC in all areas of the gardens. As we “advance” too many are loosing site of the fact that when the seeds within Us and those within the Earth are not cultivated & nutured in moderation, Life will die. So this year I plan to share tools and seeds for both the inner and the outer gardens of our lives. Things that should you “Choose” to give them some TLC will restore and produce an abundant harvest of “good things” not only in your life but, in all Our lives.

Let’s begin at the beginning. In the book of Genesis it is revealed how too much of something “water” was keeping the Earth buried in the darkness of the deep. This caused the Earth to be Unable to produce a Full harvest, limiting it’s growth. As we kick off 2016 I want to reveal in my posts, how important it is that we understand Creation and Evolution & how they are ONE & must continue to work Together for us to Survive. We the People (Body, Mind, and the seeds of the Spirit), the Earth, and the Universe do Not & can Not exist one without the other. Divided the house will FALL. So, here I go, joining with many others, in the sharing of cultivating the inner and outer gardens. As Hillary once said, ” It takes a Village”. This is a fact: it does take a village & Unity of that village to maintain a fruitful harvest. The foundational roots are the same but, the growth of Earth, like Man is different in different areas and the Seasons affect how we grow. So today I kick off my posts with some foundational facts: It is a Fact: Too Much Water Affects Plants & Humans. Plants, like animals and humans, have to breathe. In order to nourish themselves, they have to take in oxygen and carbon dioxide, and they do that primarily through their roots. In soils that are not very porous, like clay, plants have a harder time getting gases to their roots. In a similar way, too much water, especially for potted plants, can suffocate the plant. The excess water makes the soil in the pot so muddy that air cannot move through it. If you are watering the plant at the right intervals, but the pot’s drainage is obstructed or insufficient, water backs up in the pot, and the plant could suffocate. For more details: http://www.gardenandflowers.com/how-does_5124541_can-much-water-affect-plants.html   This is also true in the human body: Nearly all the major systems of your body depend on water to work properly. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day aids in regulating body temperature, preventing constipation, flushing waste products out of the body, and many other important functions.Most people, especially those who exercise in hot weather, are more concerned about not drinking enough water. However, overhydrationor drinking too much water—is also a potentially deadly condition, one that can throw off the balance between water and sodium in your blood.http://www.healthline.com/health/overhydration#Overview1

The same is true in the Garden of the Mind: Too much watering of knowledge too fast doesn’t allow the mind to absorb, process, and filter what is best within “YOUR inner garden” Cloned minds will Not produce the “best” fruit within Your garden. Mankind’s addictive personality can adapt itself to depend on society’s most modern creations. If it’s not Red Bull, reported to be the unfortunate Paul Gascoigne’s latest substance of choice, it is the compulsive checking of emails and the internet. Stock market traders will be very familiar with both.In a study commissioned by Hewlett-Packard, the Institute of Psychiatry has concluded that sufferers from “infomania” are on the rise. Workers unable to tear themselves from electronic and phone messages are said to incur a 10-point decline in their IQ. Work, leisure and sleep are all disrupted by the terrors of the modern communications age, with the inevitable consequences for productivity countering the more obvious advantages bestowed by lightning-quick interaction. more details: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2005/apr/23/money.workandcareers

The seeds of Knowledge are a Great thing however, the seeds of knowledge need to be cultivated, fertilized, and allowed to mature, to develop Understanding, to bring your Common Sense to the surface. We must be conscious not to let good seed turn to unhealthy weeds taking hold & producing shallow immature growth resulting in the weaknesses of fear, doubt & a whole host of stuff burying us in the darkness. Like Adam and Eve too many of us are rushing to eat of the fruit of Knowledge before we are mature enough to handle it. And whether we admit it or not ultimately we regret that move once we realize we have bitten off more than we can chew and the weeds are choking us out. But, Good News, Man has the Choice and Authority to restore the gardens both inside and out.

Well, that’s it for now..HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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