Over 18 ? Today….the Choice is YOURS!

Only You determine your Future. God has given you all the tools to tap into your full created “self” – you are created in His image after all. What and who you become is up to You. Yes, the first 18 years were not all yours…but, even parts of those 18 ” you were planting the seeds of the future with your “Choices” – good and bad. Those “your Choices” times are Yours always, you can’t blame the results on anyone else.  The good news is: at anytime you can change ” your Choices” planting new seeds in the inner and outer gardens of your life. And over time how you cultivate and care for what your planting will determine what fruit the new gardens bear. Just like the Earth we came from We have seasons, times of drought, and our environment within and without can be changed based on “Choices”, ” Cultivation” , and Caring. (TLC – tender loving caring bears the best fruit. smile)

A mandatory training at my job really got me thinkin’ deeper into how my choices effect not only itty bitty ole me..but, the Big Picture as a whole. Out of that training I have taken on a new daily manta ” I will treat others as I want to be treated”  Then I had to ask myself, ” Exactly, How do I want to be treated?”  After ponding that question awhile , God showed me there is a way to the road of ” all things work to the good” and “Joy can come in the morning” IF I so Choose to seek it out. Then it All depends on the route I choose to take. Will I go round in circles, cause I can’t let go of whatever?  Or could just a little pulling of the weeds while singin’ ” Love and Happiness. ” bring sunshine to my day?

When God created us He did Not create us to live lives of Misery & Pain. He even sacrificed His Son to take our ass whippin’ for us! ” It is FINISHED”  He said. We ARE Forgiven and Love shall abound. No more abuse, No more whippin’s!  What part can you not see ” I TOOK it already ”  In this Life, We are not called to be abused by others, commit abuse on others, or to abuse ourselves. What part are we Not understanding? Love is the Key and isn’t nearly as hard as so many are making it out to be. Oh and the Lies we believe instead of trusting and believing the family of God. I like Many even believed the lies of Old,  in the thinking ” sometimes you just gotta give them kids a whuppin’ ” Not a beating but, ” get them thighs.” Duh, That is so Not the seeds you want to plant. God showed me, ” Do you like that ? Do I feel like a Loving Father with this method to You?” It is Love that works things to the good and changes things my people. Did that ass whippin’ your brother Yeshua took look like Love to you!  Not did He look like love … I am asking did the Whippin’ look like Love? God allowed Yeshua to come that He might show us how Love does work and the fruit thereof. Stop, get quiet, can’t you hear God saying, ” Look at my Son, He is so full of Love He asked to be allowed to plant the seeds of his Love in the gardens of His Brothers and Sisters” (that’s you and I) so the whippin’s could STOP. He came willingly saying..” Hear me,I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” Psalms 32:8. The foundation of Yeshua’s teaching needing only 2 commandments Matthew 22:36-40. ( please open & read these verses slowly)https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%2022:36-40   In these 2 commandments of His Love  “we are washed clean – white as lambs wool” – (Isaiah 1:18)   What are we doing Choosing Not to cultivate those seeds planted that we Will have a good harvest?”  Why are so many Choosing to allow the weeds of life to bind us in which the only result will ultimately be burying the good seeds of: Love, Joy, Forgiveness, Peace…. Weeds that keep us stuck in the days of old riding the same carousel round and round we go – and crazier expecting a different outcome. Wake Up..the different outcome happens in your Choices and those choices will keep coming all the days of your life and so will the consequences thereof. Have you ever watched the difference in the life that chooses to learn from it’s mistakes & move forward making the necessary changes…changes that are in “tune” with all things around it choosing good seeds to cultivate and plant. Watch how the garden grows, creates, and bears an awesome harvest. You will see some changes in each season but, each time it dies down with some TLC it comes back even stronger..more hybrid better than the last time. Only enough weeds are allowed to creep to keep the gardener on his/her toes that they don’t get carried away into thinkin’ they are greater than the Creator. smile   Then watch a life that chooses to neglect the seeds of Hope and Love popping up within and instead buries them deeper and deeper and just sitting stuck doing what there told or what everyone else is doing. Whoooo is me, what now? That life should it choose to remain unattended and tilled will become ” these dry bones”. Unhappy and dissatisfied with Life. People we need to return to the Love and Peace of our Brother, Yeshua!!! Embrace the fun and good things of the 60’s Love and Peace Era. Get together on Earth in nature and Dance, Laugh, enjoy all the Blessings God created us to have. We need to Choose Good Things if we want a Good Harvest and in your choosing you need to remember part of the Way in having the best garden is to share your seeds of Love. You say you got a bad kid…well Try taking away the phone, TV, Computer, & such and “You” spend time with your bad kid. Do some gardening together, do chores together..make him/her responsible and you take responsibility too – TALK to him/her – Don’t whip ’em and send them off hurt and you hurting too. Hug on them, find out what is the Problem! I am here to testify I have given Love and I have Not given it when I should have and I am here to tell you I got just what I planted. Good and Bad results. And sometimes it is really hard to get to the root of those bad seeds planted and get them out of your garden. But, good news is,” You CaN dO it!! In this moment your next Choice of seed Can begin a New Garden within. Praise God ” all things have overall worked out to the good for me and mine”  just as He promised. But, I did have to go through some droughts before I learned what and how TLC works..but, now I can say with confidence, that’s the sure fire ticket for the inner and outer garden to bear good fruit and abundant harvest for you and those around you. Yes indeed TLC !  I share these seeds of Words because I pray you receive them and they will bear good fruit in your garden too. And on that note, I sign off with a couple of great supporting vines for your garden: 1st what a Sufi master told me, ” Have no Expectations”. 2nd what I learned from Yeshua,  I have to Trust in His Love, LET Go of my past mess so I can Move forward and Bring forth the Best garden within me – oh and don’t look back…the consequences can be rough! Genesis 19:26.  SMILE HUgs!

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