What is His Will on your Life?

As I listened to my Fav song, “The Question Is” by the Winans the Spirit washed over me and let me know “My Will is that you Live in Love Today…in this moment..receiving my Love and Blessings. Then go out and Pay Attention to your neighbors, friends, family…I will lead you daily in ways you can do my Will in each moment. And don’t always be looking to go out somewhere else to do My Will.  There are times it is My Will you just Rest in Me, share time and Love with Me, & share My Love with yourself that you will gain strength and then you can go out and share with others. My Will is Not Always joining groups and overextending yourself in the “attempt” to do My Will. There are Seasons in Life when you need to focus on Me, focus on Self, and FOCUS on your Own Family or extended family & sometimes little things could be a very Big Thing in those lives right there in your midst. When I want you to step out in a bigger way, I will let you know. Just seek me, pay attention in the day to day, and allow the doors to open that are My Will.  You will know them because they will open easily without your fretting, pushing, and trying to force yourself in. Listen to your inner voice and listen to What your neighbor, friends, family, Children and Grandchildren are saying or maybe Not saying. EVERYONE has things happening in Life…some shared and some not…some are in a season of Joy while others are in a season of sorrow…there is a reason for that. Those in the season of Joy should be comforting those in the season of sorrow…in this balance, strength, and harmony can be obtained and Both Feel My Love and My Will.

Take a moment and listen to my Fav song & Know You are Loved and doing His Will is Not hard.  I pray this song will touch you as much as it does me each time I hear it. It sure has carried me thru and makes me think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTGaZXsRgvo

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