Thanks – giving

Here we go cruising up on Thanksgiving. A time to gather with family, friends, co workers, and our neighbors. (be they strangers or known) A time to break bread, share heart warming dishes, and Give Thanks for our Blessings. A time to reflect and remember the intention of this day. Did you know the original intention was a time of sharing & celebrating the harvest between the Pilgrims and the American Indians? The 1st thanksgiving had 90 American Indian attendees and 53 Pilgrims celebrating the blessings of their abundant harvest.

Today, we need to remember that call to Unity & to share the harvest the Earth is still providing for us ALL. It is a time to consciously set aside our differences, serve one another with ” the Love of God within us”  and to share the Blessings bestowed upon us daily. It is another opportunity to ” CHOOSE” the path of Love, Peace, & Giving. As we come upon this day I suggest you & your family set aside 20 mins, get a pen and paper, & each of you think about your blessings. Write them down and keep them to share at the table before you carve the Turkey. (you could share your list with your FB family too)  I am confident you will enjoy hearing and seeing how much each of us are blessed in so many ways, not to mention the many different gifts (seeds) that will be shared. In doing this you are planting “Thanks & giving” into the inner garden of all those at the table.

No plans this Thanksgiving or you want to share your abundant harvest in some other ways, here are some other suggestions of how you might spend part of the day:  Volunteer to help feed the homeless in your community. Or make the turkey with a couple of sides – make sandwiches & put them with the sides in one of the nice reusable shopping bags, then you (& family) go to the homeless community in your area and share your gift bag with the homeless personally. Got a neighbor, one of our military away from home, or co – worker who is alone and has no family around…invite them to dinner or take them a plate. These choices are sure ways of “giving and Thanks”

Now I end this post with 2 things:  Thankfulness I am able to write and share the seeds God plants within my garden &  this website with recipes of my Fav Thanksgiving food ” Mac & Cheese!”



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