The Bigger Picture

Over the last few days, I have had several conversations that revealed how important it is to look at the bigger picture. And not just on a person to person level but, in many levels of Life.  Let’s begin with the person to person level. Say you are at work and someone you are dealing with appears to have a nonchalant (indifferent) attitude or they just don’t seem to pick up on all their duties. Initially, you may think, “How irritating, they need to get with it and do their part” or “what is wrong with them?” Stop yourself from these thoughts and consider the bigger picture.Even though someone may have years of experience (or so it appears) maybe at their other job they only did portions of the duties required by the position they are in now. Or maybe they have a health problem that is holding them back and they just aren’t sharing how much it is affecting their ability to do their job. Why wouldn’t they say something? Maybe they are on a very tight budget and scared they would loose their job. Don’t get me wrong I am not justifying people doing a half steppin’ job. But, before we judge, we should take a look at the bigger picture.

Here is another scenario. Religion & Spirituality. Two different walks entirely. So when you are talking to, listening to someone in regards to their beliefs, Remember you need to look at the bigger picture before you determine if you are talking about the same subject. You may be coming from a place of personal spiritual relationship with God & whom you are speaking to may be coming from a place of tradition, culture, Religious foundation in which they believe is a personal relationship with God. What do I mean? Let’s use Christianity. Everyone that says they are a Christian does not have a personal relationship with God. My parents for example. If asked they would say, ” We are Presbyterian Christians & go to church on Sunday. We tithe too”  Unless of course they don’t like how the church is spending the money then all tithing stops and they quit going. When asked do you read your Bible?  “No, we go to church on Sunday.” In fact, if you talk about God very much they would say, ” Let’s talk about something else”  I run into this often in conversations. “Renee’  we know you love the Lord but, it is not politically correct to talk about God with just everyone and let’s just talk about regular stuff OK? That’s just a little to personal”  Don’t get me wrong I am not going to take God out of my conversation but, I am learning I must look at the bigger picture with individuals as to much conversation about my BFF, Jesus can turn someone away instead of draw one closer.

My last scenario is about Earth. As we go thru our day to day we take for granted all this Earth provides. Many throw trash out our car windows, growers spray dangerous pesticides on the food we consume which in turn create disease, we abuse the water in our rivers, lakes, and ocean. It is scary when you go to the beach what trash you find in it and on our beaches. We clear cut trees in the extreme in the name of building new communities. That isn’t necessary, it takes away from the beauty of the neighborhood, and is Not good for the environment. But, it is easier that way to build a bunch of new houses. People seem to think they need a 2,000 sq ft home and there are only 2 people living in the home or maybe it is a 2nd home and NO ONE lives in it 8 months out of the 12. While at the same time we have families with No home, no place to lay their head. We need to Look at the Bigger Picture and what this is doing to our Kingdom here on Earth. We need to look and work on some solutions and have some respect for one another and this Home God gave us. We need to get over ourselves and come together and work together on some solutions…So today I ask you look at the Bigger picture. Peace.

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