Hat’s off to the Working Moms, Dad’s,Wives, & Caregivers everywhere!

As I am cleaning house and tending to my patio garden this morning, today’s post hit me. Why? I was thinking how much time it takes to take care of just ME & my 1 bedroom apartment, while working full time. Then I thought back to when I was raising my girls,working full time (and many times) extra side jobs, wondering How did I do all this? We went places and did things, I cleaned, cooked, shared some Love and even had a husband (or man) in the mix. And ladies we all know Men need attention. I even went out dancing at least twice a month & made it a point to go walking at least every other day 3-5 miles! The thought of  going out dancing and coming in late sounds impossible now on top of a 40 hr work week. I even looked back just a few years ago at how I was working 2 jobs and caregiving for my parents, wondering How did I do that? Cause now working a 40 hr week, cleaning, cooking, & sharing the love with family and friends while trying to fit in a few activities seems to be A lot.  And I don’t have a husband now to clean up after. Yet Still here I am, the day quickly ticking by, oh so quickly, and I am wondering how I am going to fit in getting just ” My ” stuff done to keep my home and myself cared for ?

I definitely want to say; working Moms, “single Dads”, and Wives remember to give yourselves a pat on the back during this season of your life. I am Not saying it is not hard work if you are a stay at home Mom or wife because that is a full time job in and of itself. And that is the Point…taking care of the home, family, extended family, and Yourself is a lot of work! So to add in the full time job just amazes me how God provides just the right amount of energy and tenacity to get it all done.

All that said I gotta sign off now and get back to my list of stuff to get done. LOL  As I am working along I will be praying for Everyone to remember How amazing God is and YOU are as you do all the things you need to do throughout each day. I pray each family grows to appreciate one another and in that appreciation everyone pitches in so not one carries more load than another in the household. And I ask, Please pray for me that I gain a little more of that energy from days gone by, cause I really want to fit back in at least 30 mins a day of exercise. Something I know boosts your metabolism and gives you energy…not to mention better health. But, dog where do I fit that in? Cause I am tired at the end of the day after work & then do all the stuff that needs done before I hit the hay.  I did it before and I just have to remember how I did that! LOL Please feel free to comment back with any tips on how to accomplish adding in this one more thing. smile  Cause I refuse to accept, in this later season of life, that I can’t do some tweeks to my time management and fit in this one more very positive thing.  Wish me luck and I will be praying for all of you too cause I can’t imagine that some of you don’t need some energy prayers too!

Hugs and Have a Blessed Day!

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