Plan A, Plan B, & sometimes Plan C

Are you a planner?  I know I am. For years I have even kept journals of my 1 yr, 3 yr, and 5 yr. plans. Then each new year I review and check off what I have accomplished and tweek my plans because Life happens and I find my best laid plans were made to be broken. Over the years the Holy Spirit has tapped me saying, ” worry about nothing, I’ve got your back.”  My response being, ” Ok But I like having a plan, it is not doubt. I tell myself & others, goals and plans are a good thing. ( this true IF you have sought God and He has revealed the foundation of His plan for you to you.) Then I would hear the whisperer of Lies say, “besides you need a Plan B in case Plan A doesn’t work – and don’t forget Plan C I mentioned,as a last resort of course. LOL ”   Can you see what that is saying? Short and simple, I am saying I have a lack of trust and need my own Plan.  Until this morning, I closed my eyes & heart to that Truth. I shoved it away telling myself, ” that isn’t true, I Trust God with all my heart.  Hello!  How silly my Plan A excuse sound now. Wanna know what tapped me so hard as to stimulate this post?  His Word of course. I am now in the New Testament in my journey of reading the Bible all the way thru and His Spirit spoke to my spirit loud and clear as I read Matthew 6:24-31. These are the verses telling us to take no thought to what we are going to eat, wear, drink cause just as God cares for the fowls of the air and the flowers in the fields how much more will He care for us. Verse 30 being the kicker for me this day: “Wherefore, if Yahweh so clothe the grass of the field, which is today and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith. “

Almost immediately my words from just yesterday popped into my head & how I once Again had commented chuckling to a friend about ” gotta have Plan B ya know”  The light came on, as I heard Holy Spirit Mother say, “Stop sharing that Lie. It is a deadly weed that will choke out the seed of My Truth you are so intently reading. We have been trying to tell you & show you since the beginning of our journey, the seeds you plant within are the harvest you will reap. The 1st seeds you must plant Deep are Your Father in Heaven’s Words – these seeds are His Promises that come from my Heart! Then Trust Me they work when you work them and Will produce an abundant Harvest for YOU, our Child. Now as we continue on this journey, Listen closely and Follow your Brother, Yeshua (Jesus). Let’s look at where this Plan A, B, & last resort Plan C fabrication seed was first planted.”  It didn’t take much thought, I wanted to be sure I am never again homeless or even close to it. Yes, I have been homeless and I have lived in situations I don’t want to be in again. Doing things just so I wouldn’t be on the street, doing things I don’t ever want to do again just to have food and a roof over my head. Trust me it is WAY worse out there in the world of the homeless than what we see on TV or looking out from our homes. The Spirit revealed, this is a baseless OLD FEAR that Is over. You are allowing Satan to still use it  & clearly a weed within my inner garden still holding me in bondage.. Praise God, the Master Gardner &  Crew showed up this morning to help me unwind & pull out that long deep routed weed. It has taken hours, but I can feel it,  I AM FREE of that fear. Hallelujah, in it’s place I can feel new seeds of Joy and Trust – a Peace within the garden of my heart and mind. I find myself Laughing at how silly I have been. It was MY choice of “doing it my way” and being rebellious & shutting God out that had me homeless in the 1st place. I was really pissed with God back then. (read my book for more on that) As I look back at when we first started pulling all the weeds within my inner Garden, I am reminded  of all the times the Master Gardner and His Crew have shown up to help me pull some very nasty weeds.  Also of the times I ran them off, saying, ” I got this – since no-one seems to understand.” Right now I realize how much time I spent in the research of my planning – not to mention the weed seeds of  worry & anxiety I shared within the gardens of my family & friends. For that I sincerely apologize. And I Praise God for friends who encouraged me not to worry, for my daughters who said, “Mom stop being silly, where is that Faith you are always talking about? Life has not been like that for 30 plus years”   Praise God, my focus wasn’t all on my Plans &  along the seeds of His Plan & the seeds of passion for His Word have continued to grow and develop.  A few of those seeds are: Truly Loving & Seeking Him, walking & talking with Him, learning the history and cultures of times past and current, The Way to “Live” in His Design “Daily”, enjoying the beauty of His creation here in His Kingdom He gave us on Earth, sharing His Love & so much More with my Neighbor. So, today the Plan A, Plan B, and that last resort Plan C (which was if all else fails commit a crime and go to jail – at least I wouldn’t be on the street)         Are Trashed !  

Yep today, the weeds are gone, my eyes are clear to see and my ears do hear loud & clear the family of God sharing these Words:  “ Stop your planning already, remember always, I sent your brother to bring you back home to the finest city in America, Again I might add. I have provided enough work, the perfect home at Casa Vallecitos active over 55 senior community & Notice how your stuff fit perfectly, your needs are met and Many of your wants. This is where I want you to be!     I AM on time all the time, & ” The Best Plan A is My Way, it’s In the Book, it Breaks the chains that Bind & All Anyone has to do is pick it up, Seek &  Follow the Plan (in all you do) then watch your garden grow & reap the harvest. You know this: It Works when you work it. So, Do Not get slack again cause weeds can come back.. We are to be One growing in the attributes of My Love… in This house. I thought, WoW I really went to far. Next I heard the still quiet voice of the Holy Spirit Mother’s pressing words, ” Really Renee’ , can you not see sharing those Plan A, Plan B conversations with your neighbors (friends) that only comes across as: ” O ye of little faith”? not to mention, how you come across to US, your family.” BAM! Her quiet but powerful Words right behind His really hit me.  As I sat, tears running down my face, my BFF, my Brother Yeshua (Jesus) embraced me saying, ” it was past time we got to the root of that weed & got it out of you. BTW, that chastisement was because they Love You.. like when you chastised your girls to Save them grief down the way. Remember?  Enough,  let’s get back to the Books and His Best Laid plan for you which is to Proclaim and Read. Stick to this and it will be all Good” 

Now my friends, I sincerely apologize the seeds my words threw at your garden & I pray they did Not take root.

I also pray, If the seeds of this post are tapping on the door of your spirit & you desire to Live the Best Plan A this life has to offer..I suggest (if you don’t already) Pick up His book and Seek Him, His Way, in All you do each Day. And I do mean that literally, it is great to read & listen to tools shared by others (like my posts) But, they are just that , extra tools…the only way to BE  all you were created to BE, in His Kingdom here on  Earth is:  Spend Time At HOME with God, the Father – Holy Spirit, Mother, and Jesus, our Brother (Hebrews 2:11 Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters) & when you “Seek  1st the Kingdom of God, and all His righteousness,, all these things shall be added unto you.” (verse 33)  In the worldly life we “expect  ‘ to have Personal relationships with those we Love and are hurt, even insulted if our Love and the relationship is not given time and taken” personal” . Where do you think the seed of this emotion comes from?  Lastly, I can Proclaim, (and my friends can testify as they have seen this happen in My life), when I get out of my way and obedient to ” in this house we Will serve & walk The Way your Father says” the results are:  growing in godliness to the perfection of who I was created to Be. Which in turn produces a Life where I Can live in Love, Comfort, Joy, & Peace as I  rest in the assurance of this promise, ” Your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of these things (food, water, a Roof over your head) so therefore, take no thought for tomorrow, it shall take thought for the things of itself…..”  Instead of worry,  begin in the beginning of His Word, Dive in Listening to the Wisdom of The Word remembering as it says in Isaiah 43:18-19, ” Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”   I sign off with this:

Dear Friends, Life is a Gift not to be taken for granted. Life is a vapor – it can be here today and gone tomorrow. Remembering  ” Each Moment of life is All about Choices so, Choose Good Things” – Be Thankful for each day. Again: Enjoy the Blessings of each new day, living each day Thankfully – Gratefully, not living in the past or taking life for granted.  Shalom.


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