Celebrate the Children !

As Moms we are celebrated on Mother’s Day – it is like a National Holiday! As my beautiful daughters shared time with me it hit me , (hard I might add) without them there would be nothing to celebrate. In fact, I doubt I would even be here today if not for having my beautiful daughters. Like a saying I read recently, ” Somedays I look back on my life, and I am extremely impressed I am still alive.”  Yet here I am in part because of my being blessed with two beautiful girls. This took my mind to wondering;  So, why isn’t there a Designated ” Daughter Day” and ” Son Day ” like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  I know, someone said there is a Kids day..that is not the same and who (without google) can tell me quick when that is?  How can we have a Mother’s and Father’s Day be so Special when without the children those days would not exist? Therefore, I vote – we vote to have a ” Daughter ” & ” Son’s ” day put on the Calendar officially and CELEBRATE it ! Does anyone know how to do that?   Until we can figure that out, I say each of us should at least ” create a date” within our own households and celebrate it each year Just as faithfully as we do Mother and Father’s Day. Just as we parents love our children honoring and celebrating us – don’t you think our children would love to be honored and celebrated too? Who really doesn’t Love to have Love shared & to be Acknowledged …it is an awesome feeling.

I know I, & Most of you have hearts so Full of Love for your children. There are no words really to express the Joy they bring. Yes, there are times they seem to have no time for us, wander off, or maybe even leave us but, we still love them & they love us. It’s part of life’s toils & cultivating of the garden.. “it’s all in the book ya know” …Genesis 2:24 Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.  Or read the story about the prodigal son Luke 15: 11-32 who left  & came home. Dad received him with open arms, lots of Love, and said, ” let’s have a party, my Lost son is home.” Great story…definitely worth reading.  There are actually lots of verses about children definitely worth reading. If you take the time to do just that it becomes clear, ” there should be a special day just for them too! Here’s one to make you think…. Matthew 18:6  “And anyone who commits an offense against one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for him that a donkey’s millstone be hung around his neck and he be sunk in the depths of the sea.”   Do you think we as parent’s are better than the children? Could it be an offense, celebrating ourselves and not the very ones that made us Mom’s and Dads? Hmmmm.. just sayin’ that is somethin’ to ponder.

One of my favs: Psalms 127:3 ” Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward from Him” ..   In my view I would say,  ‘ my little saviors from the Lord ” cause at the time I didn’t deserve a reward. What I ” Needed ” was Mercy and Love and He Gave me exactly what I needed, my girls and both ” right on time — all the time”. Little seeds of Mercy and Love which grew and grew becoming Beauty, Joy, Comfort, Compassion, and a whole long list of Thankfulness by me. And yes, that includes the tough years too. Now I look back, I am grateful – those times were really not bad at all. I know worse, ” Me ”  in my younger days. (I Blame it on the 60’s/70’s.. LOL ) Yep, Thank God they are smarter than Mom. And the best part : my two seeds blossomed into hybrid smart cookies and they just continue to grow!  Each adding more beauty to the family garden;  Grandchildren,  Great Sons in Law, cute doggies, wonderful plants, and who knows what in Seasons to come. I am oh SOOOOO Thankful !

So today, I post to encourage Moms and Dads everywhere to ” Create a Special Daughter and/or Sons Day”( not combined if you have both, as they are unique individuals who deserve their Own Day)  & I post to Honor and share my Love for my beautiful daughters Thanking them for such wonderful celebrations of Mother’s Day.

Now off I go, to email my girls and get suggestions for what Date they think would be best to ” create”  Their Special Day!

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