For with the judgment you pronounce you will be Judged

Let me begin by saying, the 1st amendment give each of us the Right to Freedom of Speech and to “peaceably” assemble in regards to our beliefs and standing up for them. Today I come in Peace standing on my right to Free Speech and my rights to Voice my opinion. That being said, I got a call from the American Justice League the other night voicing their opinion on our taxes paying for the Right to Choose and they proceeded to not only pass judgment but, passionately express ” We are seeking your donation to Stop the Killing of babies with our tax dollars”.  That really rubbed me wrong so I told him, ” Stop right there. 1st let me say I have No intention of donating to your cause. Now as far as my opinion on the Right to Choose & whether it is paid for with my tax $ or not, hear is my view. While I personally wouldn’t choose to have an abortion, I AM Pro Choice and Thankful for the physicians that Choose to ” SAFELY” perform this procedure.”  Now let me tell you why: When I was very young I was kidnapped, raped, brutally beaten and left for dead..No, I didn’t get pregnant that time, because my family Dr. gave me a pill that made sure if a baby was in the works it wouldn’t continue to form. But, this experience led me down an ugly path. You see I was told ” keep your mouth shut about this” and life goes on, as if nothing ever happened. This leaves a person sitting in shame because that is the way it is being presented, it was nasty and now you’re nasty too.” The next step on the road is self hate and seeking attention in all the wrong ways…you feel the only way a man wants anything to do with you is for sex. Anyway, I met a Loving, nice, caring young man…he a senior and me in 9th grade. I got pregnant and he wanted to take responsibility, marry me, and raise our child. I wanted that too. You can’t say I was to young, because clearly I wasn’t I was pregnant. God created me and when I would be able to conceive & He promises He will not put more on me than ” I ” can bear. Anyway, back to the point, my parents decided it was their right to Choose how My life would go forward. It was the early 70’s, they had to really hunt to find a Dr. but, they found one who would fix this problem!  And I was almost 6 months along…after an awful procedure I delivered and my son, yes was Killed. Once again, ” keep quiet, and I was kept from the young man who ultimately dropped acid and committed suicide.  Now 2 lives were gone, killed by my parents Choices. ” you will have to read my book to find out where the road led because of this Choice”  ( and No, I do not hate my parents – did for awhile but, God works all things out ) Now, you are wondering how can I be Pro Choice ? Because, as an adult, I am So thankful for the physician that had the strength and determination to have his clinic following his beliefs in the right to choose. Beats the heck out of coat hangers, castor oil, and god awful various other ways of abortion. These avenues lead to babies and the mothers dying, infections setting in, & young girls never able to have children again. Not to mention, the mental effects. Praise God, for that Dr. cause even though it was awful what happened to me, I was left physically healthy and able to have my 2 Beautiful daughters later in life who Literally saved me from the destruction of myself.

Now for another story, a young girl so hooked on crack cocaine she was sleeping in a field and doing whatever she had to for drug money, found she was pregnant. She couldn’t find anyone who would help her. I took her in and started making calls only to hear, ” we can help her off the drugs but, not if she is pregnant. Then I called the homes to help unwed mothers, only to hear, “we can help her but, only AFTER she gets off the drugs”  Called some Christian organizations, ” sorry, that is beyond our skill set. We will pray for her”  So, bottom line no one to help. I couldn’t keep her, I had No money and 2 girls to protect and take care of myself. Plus, I was working 2 jobs to support my household, someone need to be with her for at least a month while she got off the drugs. A doctor told her the baby would most likely be addicted if she carried to term. Why, because reality is: She was not going to stop the drugs pregnant or not without help. Once born, the baby would go into the foster care system. Now I ask you ” who do you think is paying for that ? ”  Our Taxes.  And more often that not, that child does Not have a warm and fuzzy story to tell of how thankful they are to be here. More often they are addicted, abused, raped, and off to prison they go or worse – they still end up dead. Not meaning to sound harsh, it is just a Fact !  And again I ask you, ” who is paying for that, Our Taxes. Yes, there are a handful of those who do rise above the odds and have Wonderful testimonies,  and of course those are the ones ” Pro Lifers” grab hold of, all the while Never sharing the higher % of stories with awful endings. Again, these are facts, not bagging on anyone. I get it & I know that road myself, I traveled it. It is the road of judgment &  “righteousness”. It is called  “Moral Lane ” preached in most Churches. Yep, I joined in on that song for a good while until I decided I was going to take my story and testify so maybe I could ” help ” save those young women and guide them to make the right choice. After  talking to various women and children whose Mom’s made the choice of pro life I learned I was ignorant and it isn’t always just that simple. It was the “truthful” larger percentage of awful stories in which   I learned, sometimes ” pro choice” maybe isn’t that simple & maybe not the best choice. Like the single parent Mom who finds out she is pregnant and is told neither she or the baby will make it if she has this baby. She already has 3 kids at home and no family by her side to support them. How many suffer in this situation? And who am I to tell her what she should do, who am I to judge? This one brought the memory of how AWFUL I thought it was that my parents made my Choice for me. Heck we didn’t speak for years. And now here I was acting just like them joining the bad wagon trying to tell a woman how she should Choose. Not to mention,  I realized the women who really want an abortion are going to get one! Period the end. And they suffer even more (and they are suffering) with our judgmental attitudes piled on top of their decision. Is that what Jesu calls us to do?  Doesn’t sound like Love & Mercy to me. We want it but, don’t want to give it. And God forbid we go back to the “good old days and make abortion illegal,  now we are back to a coat hanger or worse, Trust me ” our taxes” will pay out a whole lot more than the cost of an abortion by a good Dr. in a safe clinic after that coat hanger. After much thought  & research into the facts on this,  I prayed about it and heard Yeshua tell me, ” it is not your place to judge, it is your place to follow Me – giving Love, Mercy, & Compassion just like I gave you when you went so far off track. Remember.” That said, who are you to caste that stone? popped into my mind.  Remember, Matt.7: 2 For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Romans 12:19 for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”   As I sat and had a chat with Jesus he revealed, ” all choices have consequences, good and bad & trust me the bondage that comes with wrong choices is far worse than any judgment I or You can pass. God’s judgment is what He determines is just. Mankind more often than not doesn’t know or care to know the whole story or see the Big picture. Instead he is just quick to judge on appearance alone. Only God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit Mother KNOW all the facts. That is why it is Not our place to Judge but, instead to Love and have Mercy just as the family of God has with us over and over again. I ask, Who of you are truly righteous enough to caste the 1st stone? ”  Killing by the way, comes in many forms. Think about it.  Death is not only in the body. Death of the spirit is much worse – the suffering is so much longer.

I learned and realized what we really need to fight for is better education in Daily living skills – education on the consequences of our choices. Not Preaching but, teaching the actual Loving ” Way of Jesus”.  To invest our money not into bigger fancier churches with sermons of judgment, tithe more money, or do it our way or the highway. Jesus didn’t have a Church Building he went and interacted with His neighbor, shared food, helped build homes, taught life skills, and the list goes on.  How about some of that tax money going toward facilities that can help the drug addicted pregnant Mom who chooses Not to have an abortion. Instead of spending time and money on fighting against the clinics create places that actually HELP! Instead of killing the Dr. practice what you preach. LIFE. Instead of Churches sitting empty with the doors locked more than half the week, take some of that tithe money and keep the doors open with life coaches, food, a shower, a place to sleep when it snows, or rains. Hmmmm sounds like “the Way” of Love and a hand of Hope. And no, those life coaches shouldn’t be volunteers. If you can afford flowers every week at the pulpit, new suits, and send aid (money & staff) to other countries;    how is it your neighbor is standing at a locked door and nobody’s there to answer? Jesus said, ” Knock and I will answer & He calls us, his representatives to follow His example – Answer the knocks. Love your neighbor.  How is it America’s children, of those who didn’t choose abortion are homeless, in foster care, and  crying out with no place to go. I can’t tell you of how many stories I have heard since Jesus tapped my door about ” judging”, where our suffering ” for whatever reason, Have reached out to the churches in their area and all they got was  ” judgment and/or a “word” of prayer.  That is Not all that is needed. The best one I heard was, “well, here in America they are not as appreciative”  That statement by a high up in a church says volumes..

I end my post with this:  I know you are saying ” Hallelujah”  – One of the things I do love about America is we do still have some level of ” the right to choose” in many things. Do I believe there should be limitations to what “our taxes” should pay for, Yes, One time on abortion coupled with contraceptive education and after that the $$ is on the is NOT a form of birth control or it shouldn’t be. (on our taxes)  I figure if our taxes pay for “testosterone injections” and they DO – why should men’s needs be covered and not women’s. Should an abortion be allowed after the 3rd month of conception..I don’t think so but, again who am I to judge? Plus, I am just a woman with a fair amount common sense and who loves God. I don’t have all the answers, only God does. I have some answers I know would work if ” we ” the children of God worked them….I do know to go back to the ” ole days” coat hanger method and such” is NOT the answer. And I do know mankind IS going to do what they Choose and no amount of hell fire damnation, hostility, judgment, or money collected is going to change that. So, we need to wake up and seek Jesus Way of handling the situation…and it was Not any of those I just mentioned.

On that,  I bid my farewell. You are of course entitled to post your opinion but, please no hostility. Nothing I have said is said with any intent of hostility or judgment. The things I have said are Facts from the mouths of those who have been there, done that, and got a T-shirt…look around, get to know your neighbor, and you will see I am telling the truth.  Then If you do & you see I am telling the truth…share some Love and lend a hand or a shoulder. Not judgment.  If you already Know the truth and are living and loving Your neighbor as Jesus Loves You. . KEEP IT UP & HUGS!

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