Help a Kidney Out !

Hi everyone!  Recently a friend had small kidney stones which put me on a search of what can be done to aid in the passing of these or better yet to aid in avoiding getting them period. I found some interesting info, I would share with You, my friends and neighbors.  It is things like this I find to be good forms of ” loving thy neighbor”.  Knowledge is Power ya know.

Ok, to help a kidney stone OUT…. try out some  Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey. Need a little more than honey to get that down: Try 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar, 1/2 lemon, and 1 tsp olive oil in 8 0z. of water..hmmmm good. LOL   Seriously,     Apple Cider vinegar is an amazing healer…Google it and you will be surprised at all it’s attributes. My Mother told me that years ago and of course then I had that attitude, ” that is that ole wives tale stuff”  Well, I should have listened, she was right !

If you think you just can’t or Won’t try that one, how about some Dandelion Tea or Dandelion greens in your salad. Just for a week. Hey just try it before you poo poo me.  Or you can take the simple way out & go to your health food store and pick up some Uva Ursi herbs. You say, Uva what? Here is a site with some info on Uva Ursi :

Now for tips in the prevention of painful kidney stones ever darkening your door; get into a habit of Drinking Water when we are thirsty. Pay attention to how many times you are actually thirsty and Don’t listen to your body and drink some water. I keep a 25 oz bottle handy and have been getting ” in tune ” with Me & when my body says, ” Hey, I am feelin’ like the desert. Just because there is a water shortage in Cali doesn’t mean I am where you cut back. “  Yes, my body and mind think they are comedians. LOL   Make sure you have magnesium in your diet. Good sources of this are: Broccoli, Black Beans, Pumpkin/Squash seeds, Spinach, and Okra.  Sounds like a tasty salad to me. Oh and pour a blend of the apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil on top and the battle is now on !   Again, listen to your body. When things are getting out of order within; Our inner voice and our bodies do tell us: Warning, Warning Will Robinson. And how many times have we heard the warnings of: AVOID sugary things and Soda! Holds true in this case too.  And of course on the top of the list when it comes to helping our Kidneys out is: Avoid Stress and Exercise 30 mins. daily!!

Every time I look up those last two are in my face. Looks like, Along with the wise Words of my BFF, Jesus they are the best helpers in maintaining the Mind, Body, and Spirit !  On that note, I sign off for the night saying,                                                   ” In this house, we will dance, drink kombucha,(which I forgot to mention), eat salads, & allow my mind to relax in the world of pure nonsense with my fav night time drama: General Hospital ! Thank God for Hulu! ”

Have a good evening !

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