In This Moment

The Lord says, ” I Am leading you, step by step, through your life. Hold My hand in trusting dependence, letting me guide you through this day.”  Even when our future looks uncertain or ” feels” flimsy – maybe even scary, this is how it should be. Things are for a reason & are as they should be. Maybe it is for you to learn something, or for someone else to learn through you, and sometimes, I have learned it is to keep you protected from making a wrong turn on the path He has laid out for ” You “. Secret things belong to the Lord, and the future of our lives are “secret” things to be revealed in right timing.                 Why? you say. If we were to know all things of the future it would for sure create unnecessary anxiety. Look at the anxiety we create as it is. We being who we are as a people try to take control and “change” parts “we feel” are not going our way. I am not saying we should not have goals and desires. But, we do Not know more than the Creator of All things. Instead we should seek His Word, Pray and ask then Listen and Pay attention..He does answer. But, all to often we don’t like the answer that is right in our face and then Look at the consequences of our Not listening. Look at the simple things we are told over and over we are told we shouldn’t do “in this moment” Mark 10:19 Heck, we can’t handle what we are given in the NOW, much less the future and (literally) let’s not discuss our rebellions of the pasts. When we try to figure out the future or dwell in the past it is a form of worry, an act of rebellion actually; which results in our missing the joy and blessings This Day has in store for us.  As the Word says, ” Worry about nothing, Pray about everything.” Phil 4: 6-7. And as Matthew 6:34 says: do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will take care of itself.

So, whenever you find yourself worrying about the future or dwelling in the past and the fears or regrets it may hold, Repent and return to God. He promised he will show us “The Way” – the next step forward, if we but seek Him with all our heart, mind, and souls. Trust Him to open the way in each step of your journey. When you feel tempted and adversity is washing over you, remember His Words “Do not be afraid, because I’m with you; don’t be anxious, because I am your God. I keep on strengthening you; I’m truly with you, helping you .”  Isaiah 41:10. Your gravest danger is worrying about tomorrow, in this your Joy and blessings of today are stolen and lost. Instead keep in your mind, God wants you to; Rest in His Presence, allowing Him to take charge of This day. Do not bolt out the door like a racehorse released, instead walk purposefully, with the Best BFF’s you could have, the family of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Be Thankful & let those who know what’s Best for YOU, direct your course one step at a time. Be thankful for each blessing that comes your way along the way; this brings Joy to both You & the Father. A Grateful heart protects you from negative thinking. Thankfulness allows you to SEE and HEAR the abundance even in the little things showered upon you each day. Blessings that shared from many directions – it is in these blessing the course of your day is directed: in the Sunshine as it draws you out for fresh air which is good for the body, the beauty of a flower; which brings peace, affection of a loved one, friend, or pet – Love rises within, a Hug which comforts you when you are troubled. Or look around at your home (not everyone has a home ya know) & Be Grateful that you have one – not to mention all the “things” in it. Then, Thank God daily for  ALL this and anything else that You see as you look around. A Grateful and Thankful heart fights the darkness and shines My Light within you and without to all those in your presence. Allow His Love, gratefulness, mercy, & Joy to permeate your being that you might share in your relationships His Love planted within your inner garden.  This should be your focus of each day: to cultivate those seeds & bear good fruit and an abundant harvest with the gifts and talents given YOU….not worries of tomorrow, no regrets or beating yourself up from days gone by. You cannot change the past, the future is not yours to know ( Yet ). It is Only In This Moment we Live. It is in this moment we can Ask for the desires of our hearts, pray for others, and Enjoy the Life’s Journey we are on. Not another’s journey but, Our journey with our Lord trusting & Knowing He will take us where we are supposed to go.  I must confess, I am guilty of worrying about the future. This past week God began to deal with me as All These words were in my face, along with the reminder to me keep my BFF, Yeshua’s words, ” Follow Me ”  1st & forefront in my mind. In doing this all the energy around me changed and once again, all is well and I can See and am hearing all He has for me ” In This Moment”. 

Today I want to give Thanks to Sarah Young’s daily devotional ” Jesus Calling”. It was from this little book  “some of the words” &  the inspiration of this Post was born! . It is a wonderful little daily devotional book, I highly recommend.

Shalom and may this post plant a seed to always Remember, ” Life is In this Moment”.

Now the choice is yours whether you choose to Live today or waste today in worry of tomorrow.

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