Being a Light Within & Without

Philippians 2:15 talks about being a Light in the World just as Yeshua was a Light in this world – Lately, it seems I hear more grumbling and complaining than praising almost everywhere I go anymore. Reality TV including the “comedy” shows are just full of cutting one another down, yelling, disrespecting one another, and so on. Even some of the faith based programs.  And yes it is easy to get caught up in nonsense of it all… the pity party of Life. Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments too. Which is why I am doing this post. It is why I share and turn to theses verses on a regular basis; Phil 2:13-18 For God is carefully working in you both to desire and to do that thing which you desire *.14.Therefore, Do everything without complaining and without division, 15That you would be perfect and without blemish as purified children of God who dwell in a hard and crooked generation, and appear among them as lights in the world. 16For You are in the place of Life* to them, the day of The Messiah….from here I recommend you open and read all of Philippians. Smile

I read these verses often, because trials and tribes do come my way, almost daily. Ole Grumble and Complain do drive bys and all to often hit me hard. And Praise God, Holy Spirit “Wisdom” comes by quickly and shines her LIght on me singing, ” Reach Out and Lean on Me” That’s when I reach out to these verses to be reminded: God is working in me & most of all to remind to do “everything” without complaining and division. This is the Tough part of these verses…especially those times when mankind is grating your last nerve. LOL  Or maybe I am grating on mankind’s last nerve. For that matter, I can grate my own last nerve. LOL    Ok, ok let’s get back on track here before all our nerves are whack. For me, these verses also remind me how grumbling and complaining not only grates my nerves & the nerves of others but, the effects of that grumbling and complaining both to my spirit and literally my physical being.

Did you know being exposed to too much complaining can actually make you Dumb!? Research shows that exposure to 30 minutes or more of negativity–including viewing to much negativity on TV–actually peels away neurons in the brain’s hippocampus. (That’s the part of your brain you need for problem solving,)  Basically, they say, ” it turns your brain to mush.”  For more on this study check out:   Based on this we need to heed the wise words of this Proverb: “Instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorny bush has roses.”   Studies have also proven: “What we focus our attention on becomes our reality”   Like when you check out a car you like and over the next few days you see those same cars all over the place. That ever happen to you? This is not to suggest that you should pretend there’s nothing ever wrong when a challenge arises. We must acknowledge the truth about a given situation. But there’s a big difference between complaining and making an observation or comment about the situation.  And” dwelling ” on the situation day in and day out really takes its hold.  When you complain, you play the victim role, which takes you down the road of negative energy in your thoughts, words and actions. Just like seeing that car all over the place, the more you complain and focus on the situation the bigger it becomes and the deeper down the dark hole you go. If not careful you will find that One thing leads to seeing all things with a dark shadow around them. Next thing ya know Life is consumed & you are looking for a drink or a quick fix happy pill. Trust me, been there, done that, got a T’shirt and they don’t solve a darn thing. In fact, they just make matters worse both inside and out. You loose your YOU.  – who your were created to Be and that grubmling and complaining only Grows. Like when you leave something in the fridge to long and mold starts out just a little thing but quickly consumes the whole container ! What is your response when you open it? Typically, ” Yuck, I gotta throw this whole thing out ! ”   Another bummer about grumbling and complaining is it Blocks the ability for God to show you The Way to a Lighted path up and out of the darkness. Now on the other hand, when you make a Neutral observation, you are examining the truth of a situation without indulging in a pity party or taking potshots at others. In this way you leave doors both inside and out; open to answers & possibilities.  You avoid going down the dark avenues of despair. Your mind doesn’t throw up walls, your body doesn’t tense up, your tummy doesn’t begin to grumble and complain right along with you.  Another thing these verses remind me of is that Yeshua says, I Can Be like Him, perfect and without blemish, IF I seek Him with all my heart and follow His Way & His Words of Love and Peace. I am reminded instead of grumbling and complaining to ” worry about nothing, and pray about everything.”  And that even though ” I ” may not can handle something, HE Can, He Will, and He promises together We will make it & we don’t even have to fake it! Smile  All I have to do is remember these verses, listen, and ” Do ” as His Word guides me to do….His Word only works if you work it. smile    What He doesn’t say is; ” let’s just talk about it.”

So, I ask you, ” don’t you want to feel better and have a Light to shine the way both inside and out? ”

If your answer is Yes, Let’s give ’em something to talk about and Practice what Yeshua preached !  Come on let’s Live a  Life smelling the Roses instead of being stuck by thorns. This is great timing to Resurrect His Word in honor of His Sacrifice for us by “ choosing ” to be conscious of our words and stop with the grumbling and complaining in our everyday life.  Should you decide to join me, for 21 days, Keep a daily journal of the changes you see both inside and out by not complaining. I think you will be surprised, I know I always am just after a few days, sometimes even within a day when I choose to change my attitude and words.  May your good thoughts, Words, and Actions bring forth Abundant Blessings.

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