In the beginning….

All seed must have a place to be planted. A place to take root, pulling nutrients from the Earth. In the beginning these new seeds require nurturing, light, & protection – “a relationship of Love” becoming One in it’s environment. In this that seed grows and bears good fruit in it’s due season. This is the design of the Creator..Our creator, God. Think about it, the perfect place was created, Earth – with every need to sustain the Life of the seeds He planned to plant on Earth. Carefully, He cleared & cultivated Earth, holding back the waters in all the right places which left mountains, flat plains, lakes, & streams. In this design, He even left waters within the Earth to continually nuture the nutrients that deep roots might be established once He was ready to share & plant his seeds from the heavenly places. Seeds of Love with potential to bear an abundant harvest in the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Once the clearing was complete, He began His planting. 1st seeds of vegetation were planted, life sustaining seed to support the next level of seed planted – animal life who in turn would bear another level of life giving food & aid in the support & comforts of His most cherished seed..that seed within himself. You see, He had cultivated the Earth carefully with loving care, allowing the seed planted to grow & recreate itself as it reproduced each season. In this relationship with the Earth he toiled & prepped the Earth to plant the seed of all seeds, His seed from within. He was making sure His seed would be able to take deep root in solid ground. His most cherished seed grown within the heart – His heart. Have you ever landscaped the Earth then planted a garden? It is no cake walk, it takes loving care & constant attention to bear good fruit and to continue to grow and produce. Whether it’s seed bears good fruit or weeds is up to you & the “relationship” you share from the heart. Once the outer garden was perfect, God formed & created man from the clay of the garden He had cultivated so carefully. A body of the garden that He then planted that most cherished seed – the seed from within His inner garden. His most high seed full of potential & possibilities. A seed that if Loved & cared for, as He had done over and over, would continue to produce Life in it’s due season. A seed that If man would but follow the Way of it’s creator would continue to bear good fruit for eternity. Yes, in each new season both the garden within & the garden on Earth will continually produce from the seeds we plant within it. Just as it does & is in Heaven. All it requires is the fertilizer of the “relationship of Love”, tenderness, & it does work when you work it. When all is done in it’s right times & the work, Yes work, is done in both gardens inside and out, just as God did cultivating the gardens in preparation of His seeds, those seeds will bear fruit & nourishment for our times of rest. Times & seasons that we allow nature to take it’s natural course, providing times to just enjoy and share to fruit of all the work. I suggest if you want a better understanding of the Necessary “relationship” both with God and Earth you, like He started, plant a garden..even a small garden & be very conscious and aware of it’s development each & every day. It is an eye opener of Oneness & of the fruit it bears both within You and without in the earthly garden.

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