All I need is a Bag

Greetings everyone!  Once again Life has kept me so busy I haven’t done a post lately. But, I had to make the time to do this post. I hope Valentine’s Day was filled with Love for all of you. I know mine sure was and some revelations too.

My Bible study group decided we are going to pull together 30 bags and fill them with daily living needs for the homeless. And with Valentines’ Day just around the corner what a perfect time to show my BFF, Jesus some love by being obedient and listening to His Words “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him? Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. .” 1 John 3: 17-18   Ya know the homeless need things like toothpaste, combs, soap, wipes, granola bars, a bottle of water, and things like that on more than just Christmas. So, we took donations, Albertson’s gave a big discount on very nice waterproof bags, and we loaded up our ” Bags from the heart “& come Valentine’s morning 2 of us took off downtown by the San Diego library to hand them out. We didn’t see many people at 1st but, as we turned a corner we saw another small group making pancakes and coffee for our homeless neighbors. Perfect ! We parked the car and went to handing out our bags, along with some women’s clothes. Just after I had handed out the last bag, a Vet rolled up in his wheel chair saying, ” Ma’am, I have the daily needs covered, “all I need” is a Bag to put them in. Do you have an extra Bag?”  It started to come out of my mouth, “sorry, I gave them all out” then it hit me, I have My shopping bags in the back of my car. So Praise God I was able to say, ” Yes, yes just one minute” and got him a bag. I tried to give him 2 and with a big smile on his face he said, ” no ma’am one is perfect ” . We chatted with a few more people, including the boyfriend of a young drug addicted pregnant girl who he said just needed a shirt. You see she had lost hers and had only a bikini top to wear.

As the day wore on, those two people kept coming to my mind. I kept hearing him say, ” Ma’am All I need is a Bag”.  And then there was the image of  the drug addicted young pregnant woman who just needed a shirt. This was a painful memory actually and my spirit reminded me, ” but, by the Grace, Mercy, and Love of God there go I “.  She was in the same space I was when pregnant with my oldest, about 3-4 months along & head hangin’ in shame. Yet, it was clear she was not wanting to interact with me & doing her best to stay away sending her boyfriend to get the shirt. I was struggling whether to talk to her anyway and remembered, I couldn’t stand people imposing themselves on me at that time…but, I did respond to actions of caring & Love. I tried to show her a few shirts and a pair of pants -she wouldn’t even look me in the face but, she reached out and took them with a very quiet ” thank you” .  I remembered exactly how she felt..  So I did not bother her and instead have spent everyday since praying she, like me, would have a come to Jesus moment letting Him into her heart. That touch of the Spirit that lets Him lead her on the road to safety for her and her unborn child. Now I am asking anyone who reads this post to Pray for her too.  I am also asking for prayer for all those who are homeless, I have been there, done that, and it is no fun. And trust me everyone who is homeless isn’t there by choice or because they don’t want to work. There are so many reasons for the homeless: mental health, drug addiction, loss of jobs, emotional pains that leave you hopeless, and the list goes on.

I also, ask for those reading my post to remember how Blessed you are with ” stuff ” and remember what we are called to do in our neighborhoods for those less fortunate…get up & get out there and share some Love and some stuff!  Don’t just donate to an organization. Have a heart on any day, You (& your family if you have one) take a little time go share Love from the heart and share some stuff ! It will be good for you and yours. I bet you will be reminded too, ” But, by the Love and Grace of God that could be ME” And wouldn’t you want someone to come share some Love and Stuff with you?  Pay attention to the little things you use daily and create some bags of your own. Don’t hand out money, it can be misused..Get out and take your neighbor some needed Stuff – especially your Smile, a hand shake, & Hugs are nice too. Trust me when you are down & out those personal touches are Huge!


BTW: should you get out there, I would love for you to come back and post your experience on my site.

One thought on “All I need is a Bag

  1. Renne, You are amazing. You have such a beautiful heart and insight to peoples
    needs. May God Bless you to the fullest so that you can share more bags, and inspire others to do the same.

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