I don’t ” feel like ” I’m almost 60.

If you are a product of the early 50’s, you are standing in 60’s door, and I don’t mean the 1960’s. I don’t know about you but, Often I will be dancin’ around my house, listening to my fav jams, & I think I don’t “feel like” I’m almost 60. But, reality says,” it is just around the corner.”  Wait, I have to run to the little girl’s room. (hey, age does make you say, gotta go right now). Well, before I left the ladies room, I looked In the mirror (vanity from days of old.) & the woman looking back at me says, ” now do you ” feel Like” your almost 60?  I look at her a moment and say to self, ” Well, this body may be aging but, within the inner garden I think I am actually “feeling like” I am getting younger. I am at that age the kids and even the grandkids are grown (or think they are), I am single so have lots of freedom, and have been around the block enough that Wisdom and I have an understanding. I at a place that I actually have some time to remember Me and to listen for His Word to guide me toward the next steps of my journey.  I am blessed ” Praise God” to have a nice place, food to eat, a job, a car, overall healthy family, good friends, and my list could go on and on….which is the point. I am at a place I can cultivate & co-create with my Lord, both in my inner & outer garden. I am walking into my ” golden years” and I want them to be just that, “golden”.

” Me & JC ” can take road trips, He is helping me pull the weeds that have been trying to choke ” me ” out, new seeds are being planted along with a little grafting in of some hybrid thought that will enhance the growth of ” Me “.  Our friendship is growing even deeper. A romance of our Spirits becoming One.  I am having Fun sharing the Love He shares with me. Nope, I don’t “feel like” I am aging. Instead I ” feel Like” (even in my aging body) that I am being resurrected from the grave and that I AM part of the I AM. That my “golden” years will be an exciting journey. A journey I just know is going to be overflowing with milk and honey. I just “feel” it in my bones!  mean just think about it, many of us, I for one, have been to Hell, made it back, road the waves, & have found solid ground where life can take root and bring an abundant harvest. Again, Praise God !  How can that Not produce a Joy that in turn gives energy & youthfulness back into Life?

So, take 10 and look at all you have to be thankful for….watch how it rejuvenates you both inside and out!

Have a Joyful Blessed Day!

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