Not what about ME but, How Can WE?

All to often we get caught up in the ” what about Me?” blues.. yet, if you really think about it, the question should be,

” How can WE serve, how should we love, how can We?….. ”

This last few weeks over and over again it is being revealed to me just how BLESSED I am & how all through my life if it were not for “We” there would be no Me.  As one of my favorite songs says,  ” It shoulda been me, coulda been me, woulda been me, sleepin’ in my grave”  As I sang along it hit me, IF it weren’t for so many with the hearts of ” how can we ” ( help you, serve you, do for you )  That shoulda, coulda, woulda been dead sleepin’ in my grave verse woulda belonged to me. And    not once, not twice, but, three times IF He hadn’t made ole Death behave.. you ask, how was Death made to behave?            It was in thru the hearts of those who asked, ” how can We?”  And then they listened when Jesus showed up and gave them the answers saying, ” come and I will show you the way WE can Save her.”  Now mind you, I’ve known for years it is by the grace of God I am here today. But, somewhere along the way, all to often, I let my gratefulness turn into what about me?     So, when my parents called 3 years ago my mind went straight to, “what about me?, what about my life in Cali?”  Part of that  what about me was fear, I was afraid of going back into the darkness that surrounded them. But, the other part was just plain selfishness, having taken His blessings for granted & responding like a spoiled child. But, my spirit and His Spirit had a come to Jesus meeting and I listened and now I am so thankful that I did. Was it a cake walk ? – Oh no..but, God did use the situation not only to His good but, for my good, my parents good, & a few others along the way.  And there were a lot of times we had to ask, ” How can We…get along, help one another, get thru this? ”  As I always say, God was on time all the time and showed us ” the Way to and thru.”  Now I, like my song, go forward in testimony saying,   ” I’ve Got So much to thank the Lord for – forgiveness, a great home back in Cali, a job I love, & once again ole death was made to behave. ..ohhhh I am so full now with the spirit of grateful & do so love the Lord from the bottom of my heart.”  There is a verse that tells us to leave the dead to the dead and to go with Jesus and LIVE.  That’s where He is leading me Now, on the Journey of Life and LIVING.     In a place full of Light and Joy where I can enjoy my golden years.  Home, in the finest city in America, San Diego and I am So Grateful to be back. There were many things of the past that I had not realized still held me in bondage and oddly enough somehow the time spent with my parents & their death broke those chains and set me Free. I didn’t realize that for a heart was hurting but now, It is like they took the past to the grave with them. What a Beautiful parting Gift they gave me.         I thank Them for the things they shared with me before they left & the lessons I learned from them, for they were many in a short amount of time. And most of all,  I Praise God, who is an awesome God, I thank Jesus for being right there on time all the time, and I sincerely thank all those angels who were there for me with hearts of ” how can we?”   That list of angels would be to long to list and I wouldn’t want to miss not one name but, you know who you are…all of you my family, my friends, and even those strangers unaware…I thank You for your hearts of ” how can we when it came to me.”  Smile

Yes, God sure does work in mysterious ways.

All I can do now is give Praise and be SO GRATEFUL to be a part of the family of God who is a how can We..serve you, love you, help you, Save You  kinda family. Yep, I just LOVE this family and as He says, ” In this house WE will serve and Love”

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