Lordy, Lordy where did my energy go?

Ever feel like your energy got up and left you?  I used to think age played no part in the loss of energy. I believed this due to how active I see the seniors here in California & now where I live.. in an Active over 55 apartment complex. I am noticing as I age and hang out with more people in there golden years, I hear it said, ” It sure isn’t like it used to be. Back in the day, I could run around all day, stay up till midnight dancing, sleep a few hours, and do it again.”  I hear myself saying, ” Amen, I feel ya.”  Of course they laugh at me cause I am the baby of the group but, I DO feel them. I am a pretty high energy person as many of you know but, like my neighbors say, ” I am not like I used to be.”  Now it is a couple of days a week I can hang pretty hard and the rest of the time all I can say is, “Praise God He slowed my fast pace desire down a notch or two.”  Do I also have days of being in denial & tellin’ myself ” you still got it – you just gotta get it revved back up. ”

I do know ” exercise, yes exercise” provides more energy in your day to day. Stress reduction helps tremendously, and Water! Go ole water…it is that inner garden thing again…it must be watered if you want it to thrive and reach for the heights of potentiality. So on that note..I am off to take a walk.   Oh & did you know Coconut Water will give you a boost?

Check out this website for 8 healthy energy drinks. http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/8-healthy-energy-drinks-that-can-give-you-boost-without-caffeine.html

One thought on “Lordy, Lordy where did my energy go?

  1. So true! I’m giving up the habit/tendency to say ‘I’m tired!’ Gotta remind myself that He is the wind beneath my wings…


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