Over and Over and Over and Over Again…

Have you ever said to yourself, ” If I could just have a Do Over” ? While reading the accounts the Levites gave of God’s faithfulness in Nehemiah Chapter 9, it hit me Hard how God Does give us “Do Overs”  over and over and over again. At first when I was reading I thought, ” Geez, what hard heads, look how many times they rebelled horribly and He gave them another chance.”  That’s when the Holy Spirit hit me Hard, ” How many times have you been given another chance, nothing has changed, just like You, mankind is still needing Forgiveness over and over and over again.  ”  OUCH!! ” Right behind that ouch Love overwhelmed me over and over again.  I had flashes of memories of the many times and the many people who gave me    “Do Overs”.  Who loved me in spite of myself. But, most of all the memories flowed of how Jesus, even when others didn’t, showed up saying, ” come on, get up, let me show you The Way Again.” Talk about Love, Mercy, Patience. And all the while blessing me with all my needs and many of my wants…over and over again.   Think about it…think about how many times Loved ones, co workers, your boss maybe, children, friends, and Most especially God Have given you another chance to start Over Again.

A ” Do Over”

Now think about how many chances, because you have Love in your Heart, you have given others and God another chance.

A ” Do Over”

This moment with the Holy Spirit showed me this is what Relationships are all about, ” Do Overs”.  Now some things we learn the lessons and Praise God we don’t have to ” do over ” but, all to many times we do, we have, and we will experience again  ” do overs”. Or if you want it softened up you can call it a ” de ja vou moment “.  Any way it goes, it is a repeater. I pray YOU like me, once you think on it, will find it will soften your heart once again or more. Cause another thing we all fall into is a hard heart at times. Remember, We are called to reflect our BFF, Jesus. To grow continually in Love, Mercy, & Patience that we might be continually blessed & continually Bless others. To do this we must grow in the ability to be able to turn the other check one, two, 77 x 7 times.  Why?  Cause we all make mistakes, we all have tough times, bad days, pity party woooo is me days, and all to often in those times it brings out emotions that are not meant to feel like a personal attack but, they do. And most of the time we so regret the words we can’t take back…all we Can DO, just like they did in times of old, is ask & pray Again for a ” Do Over.”

Peace, Love, and Hugs!

P.S. I am not saying abuse in any form is ok, nor that we should allow a do over in that moment. I am not saying we shouldn’t Ever forgive either but, God does not call us to endure Abuse. The Abuser needs help and until they receive it and are Healed we must Step Away, leave them in God’s hands, shake the dust off our feet, send up prayer they will come to know God’s Love and move on in our purpose and Journey. Leave that situation to God to grant the ” do over ” and IF God wants you to show and give a “do over ” once they are healed..He Can and Will let you know….till then, stay out of the Way..                    that battle is not yours.

One thought on “Over and Over and Over and Over Again…

  1. Thank you for reminding me to keep getting back on God’s path. I get distracted or frightened or start to believe that God can’t accomplish miracles…and that’s when I stray. But thank goodness as long as I renew my faith and turn back to Spirit, God is there for me.


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