Living in Balance

How often have you heard or Said ” I just want to live a balanced life.” Or how about those that say ” here are the keys to living a balanced life” Can’t tell you how many times I myself have said that or sought out trying to live “the balanced life”. Then I gave up, coming to the realization there will always be ups and downs and occasional balance, but not to often. Praise God – I learn from it all. In God’s plan of nature here on Earth, there is the positive and the negative and without it we can not Live here on Earth.
Osho said it much better than I so, I will share this tidbit of his wisdom, cause he said it just right: “One of the most fundamental misunderstandings down the ages is that you can leave pain and walk in only pleasure, that you can avoid the moments of hell and have only heaven, that you can avoid the negative and can have only the positive. This is a great fallacy. It is not possible in the very nature of things. The positive and negative are together, inevitably together, indivisibly together. They are two aspects of the same energy.
Life consists of extremes. Life is a tension between the opposites. To be exactly in the middle forever means to be dead. The middle is only a theoretical possibility; only once in a while are you in the middle, as a passing phase. It is like walking on a tightrope; you can never be exactly in the middle for any length of time. If you try, you will fall”….Osho

So, on that note: Pay attention to all that comes your way, there is Life and Lessons in each moment. Love you all.

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