Time in the Wilderness

Greetings! I have risen out of the wilderness and returned to my “promised land!”
I am filled with Thankfulness, Joy, Praises, and my heart is filled with Love.
Very soon after I arrived back in California I spoke to one of my dear friends here who reminded me Ramadan was beginning the next day. Ramadan is a 30 day fasting time in Islam from sun up to sun down – nothing by mouth. Not food or water & in this 30 days you pray and read the Quran. The WHOLE Quran. Trust me it is not a small undertaking. Once the sun goes down you break your fast with family and very often friends. When I was practicing Islam, of course I always participated and it was always a revealing time for my spirit and wonderful cleanse for my body. But, since called into my walk with my BFF, Jesus I had stopped doing these fast with my friends and unfortunately stopped fasting almost altogether. I hadn’t even realized it really until she mentioned Ramadan was to begin. In that moment the Holy Spirit tapped me too, bringing to the front of my mind how I haven’t fasted in a really long time and reminding me ” Fasting should be a part of your worship & time with God. I have sent her your way. You should kick off your return home to Cali with fasting, prayer, and some quality time with God, Jesus, and Me.” This of course brought a slew of emotions and thoughts of how I have Not been spending quality time them even when I heard them knocking at my door. And how I have not been taking very good care of me either. Before we ended our conversation I told my friend, “ya know I am going to fast too…don’t think I can do sun up to sun down but, I will pray about it and ask God what He wants me to do.” A rush of Joy washed over me with even the thought of what I was about to begin. While thinking about how I used to be so committed to doing Ramadan His Spirit spoke to my spirit and said, ” you read the whole Quran several years in a row doing Ramadan, you prayed 5 times a day talking to me and sharing what was on your mind, you took to heart what was revealed to you in the teachings you were reading. Do you remember, it is how I brought you to back to know my son, Jesus. This time I want you to read the Bible from beginning to end, just as committed. As for your fast it will be on Only healthy foods 24 hrs a day. No yeast, as close as possible no salt, very little sugar and Yes, I want you to Pray and talk to me. I want you to get out of Your way & really listen for what I have to reveal. I have blessed you with a daughter who is an Organic cook, she will help you. I have blessed you with the job to support you and have reduced your stress considerably. This is your time to begin a new journey in life, your time is now meant to be spent a lot more with Me and the family of God. We love you, will heal you, & life will begin anew. ” Of course, I said, ” Yes, Lord” and felt the push to ask another of my friends to join me. I knew from our conversations, She too had been hearing that call and of course she accepted with bells on. It is a blessing when we talk once a week and share a little of our experiences and what is being revealed. One thing that we both have seen is Just how Blessed we are. Not to mention, how we really need to check ourselves when we even think of grumbling or complaining. We are pretty darn spoiled even in the tough times compared to what the Israelites went through.Read the Old Testament and I think you will get the picture too. It was during this reading I realized and heard the Spirit say, ” Do you realize, Like the Israelites, how much mercy I have given you, how much I Love you, and it is “I your God”, who has brought you out of your Time in the Wilderness, Home to the Land of Milk and Honey; I who brought you here so many years ago” That really tapped my door in many ways. It washed all over me, as I realized I too had behaved many times like the Israelites – grumbling and complaining because He wasn’t ALWAYS making things easy breezy. Or asking, ” why did you bring me back here to this wilderness, there is so much pain connected here ?” When the fact is He didn’t bring me to the wilderness and pain, I did. He just let me go and then taught me some serious lessons which have resulted in His Promise of “Romans 8: 28: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” And Praise GOD all things did work together and for my Good with icing on the cake of Angels who were there to help and care for me the whole time I was floundering in the wilderness. Angels who are still and always will be my friends full of Love. Angels from all walks of life, going thru all types of journeys themselves, Angels of all ages and faiths. I have learned a lot about Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, about how we have no right to be Judgmental and how important it is we All learn to Love one another and understand one another. I have learned God does work in funny ways sometimes (literally Funny) and that being closed minded and hard of heart not only hurts others but, Really hurts you most of all. Beautiful blessings can be missed by being a closed minded hard head and not spending time with God. By not being obedient when He is trying to tell ya somethin’. But, Praise God He never leaves me in the wilderness all alone, Yes, I am blessed with many wonderful friends of all races, religions, and ages who are always there ready to walk with me and remind me of where I really need to go. I am SOOO thankful God keeps reminding me of How much He Loves me, Loves All His children, and how I am part of ” the I AM” created in the image of Him…the very image of Love. I am thankful He guides me to look in the mirror and see, That it is only when I pull away or disobey that things get hinky and my hairs turn Grey.
So my challenge this post is:
If you haven’t done a fast either in a very long time or maybe never done a fast at all, take the time to give it a try – Really would it be so bad to give God & yourself some Love…some quality time in His Word and in fasting and prayer?
Think about it…this challenge will only work to your good. Smile
Peace and Much Love – talk to you soon.

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