“And The Truth will set you Free”

Please Read and please indulge me in this is a long post. I pray it reveals a message that will not only set me Free but, others as well. This past week I had a call from a dear friend who was/ IS in deep distress. You see this family came to America with eyes of Hope and a better future for their children. And until recently their experiences here, have overall, been the life of living the American dream. They have embraced what America is founded on: The right to free speech, to believe and practice your beliefs, the opportunities of employment and a education, that if you work hard and apply yourself you Can have a nice home and environment to raise your family. They have lived making good choices, Praising God , & praying they are setting an example to follow with their children. And they ARE the image of what America has to offer IF you strive for, embrace it and take full advantage of ” all it has to offer.” Over the years I had mentioned to them, don’t let the ways and the acquiring of stuff deceive you or your children. Careful not to spoil them & careful who they hang with. Trust me, don’t let it be that you have to learn the hard way like me. I let them know I love America too and all the possibilities it has to offer but, we can not put on blinders as to the flaws and negative possibilities it has to offer as well. Like the temptations of those in the world Not walking a Godly path and the misleading media information our children are exposed to daily. Because their chlldren haven’t indulged in activities outside of a walk with God ” except in little things” I think they thought ” we made it thru the teens and now we are in the clear”  Wrong. They just found out their oldest son has turned out to be a late bloomer & has now decided: ” I think I want to test and try some “American” ways that “all my friends are doing.” You see he has a physical disability that affects his confidence and in his wanting to be more accepted and not so “different”  he thought this choice would help him to fit in?

Has it popped into your head his choice? Yep, Marijuana. America’s old/new ” It’s OK habit.” Now this young man in his 20’s who WAS accepted into a good college, making good grades, obtained a job with High potential of creating a Bright future may be loosing it ALL due to his Choice of smoking pot.  Now those of you who know me, Know I am Not a Marijuana basher and do feel it has it’s medicinal purposes for sure. Heck until this phone call had my head in the sand somewhat. But, here is the TRUTH that I found from the conversation I had with this young man’s Dad; I made the same choice as his son back in the early 70’s and the consequences of my choices Did impact my life in very negative ways. Like I was to busy “having fun” and kickin’ it so I didn’t have the desire to study and get a good education even though I Am an intelligent woman. Back in the day, I even smoked around my young daughter and as she grew up it created a rift between us that I STILL feel from her. Even though I stopped smoking ” in her presence” many years ago. You see she was embarrassed and wanted a Mom who was a Mom not a Mom who was cool. Notice I said ” in her presence” — Yep, even though I knew she hated it I didn’t quit entirely, taking the attitude ” it is my choice, I am working and working hard to provide and at least I am not doing hard drugs (anymore), plus I need to relax..I don’t drink and Pot is not as harmful as alcohol ” Excuses…lots of excuses I convinced myself of just so I could escape occasionally. Here was another excuse: I work hard and my Life has been hard..I have many days of depression and PTSD from the past – Marijuana helps me relax and have some laughter..it is not hurting me”   Knowing within: that is a Lie.  It has hurt me & my daughters relationship. Praise God we have healed a lot about my choices but, I know my choices affected their Lives. When you have children it should Never Be: “It’s my Life and choices or All about Me”  You see even though I had a lot of energy and I have always worked hard, I didn’t have the drive and couldn’t stay focused enough to gain a better education. And that did hurt my chances when some doors of opportunity opened in my life. I didn’t qualify for the position or a couple of times I turned them down because I couldn’t pass the drug test. Sound familiar?  Now, as I say it out loud, it sounds plain Dumb!  Now guess what that hurt: Me and  my family and the ability to provide a better home and more Time with them because if I had just given up the Pot I wouldn’t have had to work 2 jobs ALL of their lives.  Did we make the best of life? YES. Did God provide for us in spite of my dumb choices? YES!  Praise God for Protecting us and before it was way to late and I ruined my life completely God brought me to my senses keeping me from going to far down the road of “trouble” . Even though I didn’t continue to smoke daily, I have had to work twice as hard and struggled many times in areas I shouldn’t have. To be perfectly honest, My choices brought sacrifices that only created depression and shame within.  And what result do you think that has had in my Life, in my relationships, especially my relationship with God? Funny thing: This family was one of the loving friends He sent my way to aid in my getting off the road of “enslaved to bad habits”and on to moving forward on a better Journey in my Life. Their example of Grace and Love has played a BIG part in leading me toward a Road to a closer relationship with the family of God & the Knowing ” I Can Be all God created me to BE” and that is Not someone escaping into the high of marijuana. Cause as those of you who smoke or (smoked) Know it is not the typical that when you smoke it is ” within moderation” anymore than those who drink stay within moderation. And just like alcohol when done in “excess” it has a negative effect creating lack of concentration, forgetfulness, down right laziness, and a general attitude of “whatever”  For years I kept my ole hippie attitude about “recreational smoking” of Marijuana ” It isn’t hurting me and besides I have learned to smoke in moderation so,       I am ok” (more excuses) And for years it has in a multitude of ways affected my future. Here is another: Years ago, I met a really good man, a Dr. , a businessman driven and very responsible who showed me nothing but, love. But, he didn’t indulge in my lifestyle and couldn’t take chances with Me that could destroy his reputation and I knew it ! So, instead of me getting my Life together and joining him in being responsible, I left him knowing there was my Angel and way out of my journey of struggles. Not to mention, I was leaving what I wanted and needed most in Life…LOVE.  Now, the bigges point of this post: Even though I am not smoking now, until the call from my friend, I was still struggling with my view as far as marijuana. I don’t smoke anymore but, the reason is I Don’t want to risk loosing my Job not because I was solid in my conviction about whether it should or should not be legal. You see I Still have to work 2 jobs but, Praise God they are 2 GOOD jobs and like most GOOD jobs these days they reserve the right to drug test. Now at almost 60! I am Not willing to take the chance of loosing my Blessings and I finally see the consequences and damage my choice of “pro recreational” marijuana had in my life. I still believe for medicinal purposes there is a purpose. I have friends that have endured cancer and it is a Fact it helps the nausea during their treatments, it is a fact it aids with glaucoma. But, should it be allowed for the “abuse” of recreational smoking? The Truth is No.  The truth is the effects of getting high daily and smoking “kick ass” weed can stunt your Life’s growth, it can and Does affect your relationships with those you Love, and can cause just as much or More Pain than the momentary laughter you gain in your High. I can testify my “natural high” I obtain in my walk with God beats the heck out of the “momentary high” of marijuana. So, take it from me, an ole hippie who would have sworn ” I will smoke till I die” – it is NOT a road to freedom but, in reality is a stumbling block that can and Will, “when used recreationally”, hold you in bondage from all that God wants to give you and wants you to Be.

I love you all and pray this message, like my friends phone call did me, will open your eyes to see and ears to hear and for many, like it has me, “Set you Free”

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