The Simple Things

Morning Everyone!

Hope you are having a pleasant Memorial Day Weekend. 

Keeping with the title I will keep this simple. This morning the Holy Spirit tapped me saying ” Going forward in your Walk remember to Grow as One in Spirit with Me, you must also walk in remembrance of “the simple things”  Then enlightenment of what some of those things are flooded my mind and heart. It’s those little things that pop up in conversation, like condoning sex without commitment, drunken nights out and saying, ” well, that is your choice”, gossiping, passing judgment, or complaining instead of praising all the blessings that come across each and every day! Or just keeping that juicy gossip to yourself…there is almost Always a deeper reason for why someone is doing the things they do that are not in a journey with Jesus. And most of all Not letting God’s Love shine through you in All you do.

Well, that it is for me…I pray this post reveals and enlightens you today too.  Not only will it brighten others day for us to remember, ” the simple things on our day to day but, it Will brighten and change your Life today and each day forward.

Peace and Blessings!

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