Luke 9:29 And as He prayed the fashion of his countenance was altered and his raiment was white and glistening. 

Verse 49-50 And John said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in Thy name and we forbad him because he followeth not with us. And Yashua (Jesus) said unto him, ” Forbid him Not for he that is not against us is For us.”

In previous verses Yashua  (Jesus) was frustrated with his disciples as they were unable to cast out an unclean spirit out of a man’s son telling them ” O faithless and perverse generation how long shall I be with you and suffer you”  He had been with them teaching and walking by Example so they could See how the Word & Prayer works when you work it. Yet they Still were unable to cast out the demon from this man’s son. WHY? a lack of Faith in the Father’s Word. Jesus consistently by example shows all those in his presence the keys are simple: Go to the Father and Family of God in Prayer, Seek Him and His Word, Believe & you Will Receive His promises & the power to do great things. It was Jesus total Faith &Trusting the Father, His going to the Father in Prayer & believing in His guidance from those sent to show Him the Way that brought transfiguration and power in His walk as a Man here on Earth. Have you ever earnestly sought God and chosen to Walk the walk of Jesus?  If so, I am sure you have noticed a change of your countenance as well. Possibly even had people say to YOU, ” What are you doing these days, You are glowing. I feel such great good energy from you, thanks for lifting up my day”  Walking in Love and a life of serving one another and Not judging one another or the path God had shown them to walk, Will bring transfiguration to your Life and the Lives of those you encounter. The only caution I have is;  when you do seek God with all your heart and Yeshua (Jesus) & the Holy Spirit join you in your walk, some will be jealous and may just try to drag you back down the lane of ” pain and misery”  You know what they say, “misery loves company”  DON’T Do It !  Instead, pray for them, seek God’s wisdom, and move on into what He has for You – leaving them to Him. If someone is not willing to be healed, have ears to hear, or eyes to see you must accept they have Free Will Choice too and all you can do is accept the things you can not change and continue on in your glowing countenance – that of who You are, a son/daughter of God Loved and Loving.  Don’t you be the one walking in a negative ‘Tude forbidding your family/neighbors just because they don’t do things just like you do. Remember the words, ” he that is For us is not against us”. Be kind and enjoy their countenance you just might learn something. Smile.  It is not ours to determine The Way God has to get anyone where he wants them to be. In other words, “not your worry or is God’s” You just Love those that are for you and not against you and appreciate that they are for you & not against you. Cause I am sure you know by now there are and will be plenty “against” you just because you LOVE God and it is your hearts desire to walk in the Blessings, Love, Mercy, and Glory of our Lord. How silly is it for you to add to those against you by being judgmental  & against those who are Not against you. Who are actually on the same page just getting there down a different avenue.   Do ya feel me?

Well, that is all I have to say today… may you have ears to hear and eyes to see the wisdom in the Word of God.

Shalom. (Peace be with you)

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