The Choice is Yours..Period

Some unexpected things have transpired in my life lately that really made me realize ” the Choice is Yours (Mine) PERIOD!. I got one of those picture posts with sayings recently that said:  Everything you do is based on the Choices you make (sounds just like me right!) then it goes on to say, “It’s not your parents, your past relationships your job, the economy, the weather, an argument, or your age that is to blame. You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make. PERIOD.”  That really got me thinkin’. Now we could disagree with a few of these or even all actually, like the weather – if you suffer from S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder)  like I do, it is easy to say, “the weather is to blame.” But, on the flip side of the coin I can make choices to live where I won’t suffer from the finest city in America, San Diego, CA! And Praise God He doesn’t put more on us than we can bear and has opened those very doors for me to return home that I might regain “Me” leaving S.A.D. behind me.  Or how about the economy. We don’t have total control over job options in our area but, again if you really want a job and to provide for you and yours you do have the Choice of going where the work is or how about tap the Gifts God gave you and be creative. Check to see what business you could start of your own. Housekeeping, personal services, gardening, photography, senior/child care, and the list of possibilities goes on…IF you are willing to get out there (including do some volunteer work so you can meet those in your community) and do what is necessary to build your business doors will open. How about an argument that really rocks your world, for a minute you will blame the argument and the person involved but, truth is it takes 2 to argue. Just because someone is determined to push your buttons doesn’t mean you have to allow that. You Can walk away and keep a safe but, still be kind distance. And don’t forget to look at, “Yourself..are you any part of what created that? If not, Don’t fall into the trap of “being sucked into whatever it is within another that wants to live in the life of misery loves company” I got caught up in that recently and not only did I feel like crap for loosing God’s loving spirit, I felt awful that I had let God and Myself down by becoming someone I am angry argumentative person. So I had a chat with Jesus and from here on out, I will be practicing & keeping in my remembrance ” Life and Death are in the Power of the Tongue & If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all” 
My choice may leave me silent often (an unusual trait for me) but, that is better than letting your Joy & the loving Spirit within be stolen by a negative spirit of another. It is true, “we must accept the things we cannot change” And unfortunately even though we try, we can’t change another. They must Choose just like we do what lifestyle they want to walk. Whether that is a dark hurting road or a life lifting road healing you all along the way. Having wandered off to the Left for a time, God sent angels to point me back to the Right road for Me. So, once again Praise God, I CHOOSE the Life Lifting road & made a Hard Right which is getting Me back on track down the road to My Life.
Last but not least, of which I am also guilty, is letting myself fall into a place of not taking good care of myself physically. My recent trip to Cali and being around my youngest daughter, who chooses to live a healthy lifestyle, reminded me I FEEL much better & can Love others best when I LOVE myself which means getting back on board in that healthy lifestyle living. And of course once I had answered His knock and opened the door, God sent something my way to aid in that kick off too. The Today show challenge “30 days to a Better You” & Joyce Meyer ” 30 days in the Word” Together these will take you down the road to a healthy lifestyle both inside and Out. So won’t you join me? The CHOICE is YOURS. PERIOD.

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