The Grieving Process

Funny thing about a loss of a loved one. Every situation is different. Your grieving time and emotions can and will be different with each loss. I thought I had grieved the death of my Mother in my way but, I hadn’t really at all. Not until I came away from all the responsibilities and I have to do this, that, and the other. I was so on go in 2013 with trying to take care of my parents, move them into Assisted living, & then before the year was over, I lost my Mom. No time for grieving then. My sister and I put it in overdrive trying to get everything done and settled surrounding her death. I didn’t realize I wasn’t allowing myself to grieve. Once I stepped away and went home to Cali around my friends and family I felt my walls come down & now it seems I can’t even mention or think of my Mom without crying. Today, I was blessed with one of God’s angels who also had a recent loss and she was saying how you hold yourself all together and for each person it is so different when they finally “let go”. I hadn’t thought of it really in that way. But, it totally makes sense and now I understand this is my time of grieving all that was lost with my Mom. I also realize how much I learned and grew in the short time we did have together and I am thankful. I was not close with my parents growing up and we missed a lot of sharing in our lives, I know that is part of the grieving tears too. We did try but, our lifestyle choices more than not kept us pretty darn far apart.       But, I must say I am Very thankful (Blessed) for the time we did have, for all the wisdom she shared even when she didn’t know she was & I know she is thankful too. I grieve for her and all she missed in her life but, Now I know she is Free, living a witty life with family and friends, and smiling daily Finally. And Today I am smiling with her. So, if any of you have lost a loved one I pray you know God is with you, as He is, has been, and always will be with me. I also pray that you know, This too Shall Pass and once the tears have ended our lives are meant to go on. Meant to go on living out our purpose all the while knowing we will see them again.

Peace and Love to all


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