What’s Hot in Today’s World?

FOOD that’s what’s Hot in today’s World.  I was reading my new Preventation ” a Food Lover’s issue” and it mentioned how ” Hot ” food is these days. So Hot there are whole networks dedicated just to Food. Not to mention, Have you noticed when you are driving around the restaurant parking lots are packed? Which on a side bar; is amazing to me since we are in an economic crunch. Hmmm?  As it mentions though, the real food revolution is that more and more people are finding the preparing of the food at home can be a very earthy, sensual pleasure. I am someone that never has really enjoyed being in the kitchen. But, these last couple of years, I am finding myself actually having fun with new food creations.   (Thank you Karin (my fabulous cook daughter) for all the tips and ideas) We are what we Eat! That said here are more ways through food and living a natural lifestyle you can Love Yourself! First off:  I highly suggest you buy March Prevention mag if you don’t already get it. There are good recipes and ideas in it and I can’t tap on them all in this post. But, I am going to tap on a few that really tapped my door, in hopes it will tap you up too.

1st: Just Add Water – Getting well hydrated is the fastest route to more energy, less hunger, a stronger body, and better skin.      Nearly 1/2 of adults do Not get enough water. Did you know you age faster when not hydrated well enough daily? Your tip on knowing if well watered, your urine: If it’s clear or pale yellow, you are good to go. Your best fluid intake is: Water then seltzer and coconut water, eating water rich produce like grapes, celery, lettuce, and apples & my Fav part is Coffee & tea DO count.                                          Last tip on this:  Women need NINE 8 ounce glasses a day while Men need about 12 8 ounce glasses.

2nd: Ladies did you know? Don’t hit the snooze button! Studies show: Women whose bedtime and wake up time vary more than         90 minutes during the week have more body fat than women with less than 60 minutes of variation. One other statement was about establishing a rhythm (routine) in your sleeping. Yet this statement, I can testif is True in all areas of life.                                                   ” Difficulty establishing a rhythm in your life can effect you physiology and lead to weight gain.”  Not to mention, speed up memory loss.

3rd: Last but not least: Your Body on Sugar:  The stuff is an inflammation BOMB!  According to the American Heart Association:        Our maximum should be 24 g for Women and 36 g for Men. Here is some body parts that are effected and how: Kidneys: Overload can damage their delicate filtration system. Over time end stage renal disease can set in – No surprise Diabetes is one of the main causes of Kidney failure. My Dad is a sugar Freak and guess what he is Suffering with in the end stages of life – Kidney issues.  Joints: High sugar diets pump inflammation cytokines into you bloodstream and exacerbates arthritis. And of course sugar creates more fat on your body, which adds more wear and tear on your joints. Brain: Sugar can rewire the brain’s pathways. People who have high sugar diets are 58% more prone to suffer from Depression. Hmmm.. cut out the sugar and maybe more people won’t need anti depressants. Not to mention, you will feel better physically which will lower your depression. See how it all works together.  Heart: Sugar inflames the linings of the arteries to the heart increasing the risk of Coronary Artery Disease. It makes the blood more “sticky” and the flow is affected which increases the risk of stroke or heart attack.  This one alone is scary when you really think about. Do a little research, you will be amazed at things full of sugar.  Skin: When sugar bombards the body, proteins incorporate it as part of their structure. This process is called glycation which ages and Weakens the skin causing sagging and wrinkles.  All of these really struck home for me. Lately, I have had many people around me suffering or Dying & have been finding out things about them like:  They were sugar addicts, or Never excercised, didn’t drink enough water and got urinary tract infections that had horrible effects on the mind and body. It isn’t like it is the 1st time I have heard any of it, just the combo of life experiences thru 2013 & seeing it all short and sweet on one page the light bulb clicked on.  Seeing it this way, I thought:  “Dang, my whole body is affected”  I am not a sugar nut but, I do indulge in more than I should. The one on the Skin & Kidneys for me is the driving force that caught my attention and I WILL be highly cutting down on my sugar consumption & making sure I increase my water intake.

So, you know I like to challenge you, “won’t You join me in another step of Loving yourself and Reduce your sugar intake?”

Have a Great Day!

Rev. Renee’ Jones

A ministry sharing Life tips to myself, my family, friends, & neighbors via the net. 


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