Keeping your Joy!

This last month I spent in my favorite place, San Diego, the finest city in America! I realized how once you have lived somewhere 30 yrs plus you can tend to take it for granted and loose sight of all the Joy it brings in your life. That had happened to me and I left my Home in San Diego returning to my birthplace, Arkansas. Now I have done this move a few times in the last few years each time telling myself it is more cost effective to live in Arkansas and trying to look at only the positive aspects of living here. Each time I became so homesick and it seemed things just never flowed smoothly. Should have taken that as a sign. And this time I returned not just trying to live somewhere more cost effective but, to spend time with my parents while I could. But, as the word says, “Seek the Truth and it will set you free.”  Living here this time really has shown me how true that is, in so many ways. For me the Truth is like Dorothy in my fav movie says, ” There is no place like home” and for me that is San Diego. I am a Cali woman in my views of Life and It is where my hearts sings, where I feel full of joy and energy even when runnin’ at the Cali pace and stuck in traffic, I LOVE IT! Never thought I would be in LA traffic and singing ” I love you Cali” 

  I am blessed that I have client accounts in Cali and in AR so I get to travel between them & I just can’t sing and praise God enough for that Blessing. He is an awesome God who knows all our Needs and will Provide. He wants us walking in Joy and Love. Not greed or selfishness but, to seek what makes our hearts sing praises and Do It!

Point of today’s post:  Stop! Look around, look within, don’t take Life or where you are for granted. If you love where you live, stay Put and travel to places of interest. IF you don’t Love where you Live begin seeking where you should be, cause until you Live Life as Who you are and doing what you were created to do You are not really Living. Oh, and if like me you left where you Love, begin working on your return, even If it isn’t until retirement. Smile  YOU CAN DO IT!

Hugs to all and I pray you are living Life to it’s fullest! Your mind, body, and soul Will thank you for it and respond in Joy.


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