You Got to Love Yourself!

Greetings! I bought a CD, ” Think Like A Girl” at the PB Library book sale that has turned out to be Great and full of messages. One in particular taps on a subject I am passionate about, which as you know, I believe, we the people Really need to focus on: LOVE 

In the song Diana King says, ” I don’t wanna Preach the Bible, I just want to find the Truth” She sings about how You Got to Love yourself and how if you don’t you can’t love anyone else and they can’t love you. She sings about Respect (which is an aspect of Love) Says, you got to reach inside yourself if you want somebody else to Love you. Of how those you Love should Not be your rival but, how you should be supporting and lifting one another up. The song is actually speaking to women who are allowing themselves to be abused. Self esteem and respect for themselves is lost because they have been walking the path of Living in abuse.

But, actually this message is true in any relationship, whether it be the relationship with “Self”, your Partner, parents, children, and those of your Friends & Neighbors. There are enough Life challenges in general without our allowing Love to Die within us only to be replaced with Greed, Anger, Bitterness, Selfishness, Unforgiveness, and on & on the list of negativity grows when Love dies within. Why am I posting on this Again? Because In my conversations DAILY, I am hearing Many SAD & Grieving about Love lost in some fashion. Including out of my own mouth sometimes. How the Fun and Laughter that Love brings feels like it has left the building and a big Ocean is separating the Love between the two people. How hurt is cultivating Pain, Anger, and Doubt within themselves and doubt that the Love can even be restored. So, I am posting to testify:  IT CAN & Will rise up and it Light will heal IF we but let it. Often it does require a lot of humbleness and soul searching. It will take prayer and quiet time then Listening to the Holy Spirit within for the answer of How to begin the healing so you can take the steps in cultivating your inner garden that will bring back to life the seeds of Love that have been choked out by the weeds of Hurt. It is the seeds of Words that create The Truth of Love within you.                                                    What seeds are you cultivating?  Words of Love that bear Life or the seeds that produce weeds of Death.

Remember, Life is All About Choices. Oh & DON’T forget, sometimes even though you are planting seeds of Love they may take TIME to bring forth harvest. They may not be received at 1st and in some cases though not lots, they may be cast aside. Know this: If they are not received & are cast aside and YOU KNOW within you that you have sincerely offered the seeds of Love, it is likely it is time to dust off your feet and move on leaving those seeds planted to be cultivated by God and whomever He sends their way. There may be a wall that You can’t knock down and there is another God will use to knock it down. I am not saying you have to Leave the person, although sometimes that is necessary, Just be true to self & in Loving yourself you’ll know if it is necessary to literally Leave. Because you Know it is Not loving yourself to continue to stay where you are clearly being Abused. God does not call us to Abuse & If you will but, seek Him and listen, He will show you The Way to where you should be & do it On time all the Time. You will be guided to where your Love can overflow and Produce an abundant harvest. Our days are not meant to be lived in misery and Pain.  This includes the relationship with “self ” So, I ask, Are you miserable with Yourself?  If so, dust off your feet and Step away from that “old man/woman” within and seek The Truth of who you Are, who God created you to Be, it is there Love will thrive and Joy comes in each morning.

Shalom, Salaam, Peace!


2 thoughts on “You Got to Love Yourself!

  1. I really enjoyed this blog. There is power within following God’s purpose for your life and overcoming yesterday’s hurts and pains. Loving and embracing yourself is pivotal in living life in abundance. -Mike

    • Thanks Mike. I appreciate you commented on the site too. Smile. I have many friends reading my posts but, then they email or call me. LOL I am trying to encourage my friends and readers to share their comments on the site and prayerful we can get a “round table” effect going. SMILE
      Hugs and of course share the site if you feel so inclined. I have been on a workcation in Cali and took a break but, effective now I will be back to Saturday posting. Hugs and may your ministry be Blessed.

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