Life has been a whirlwind on my “workcation” . Very seldom do I take an actual Vacation and instead thanks to technology, Work goes where I go and I can enjoy a nice sunny warm environment, work, and fit in some FUN while taking a much needed “workcation”     Right now the fun is I am missing the cold, dreary, snowed in weather of Fairfleld Bay. Can you tell I am NOT a winter kind of woman?

And ALL PRAISES TO GOD, I don’t have to be.

Life is what we create, I realize this more each day. You are never to old to Learn and Create newness of life. I am learning there is definitely a process and steps in our creation. 1st should be Seek what God says about your ideas our heart’s desires. Which means looking within and have a chat with the Father and see what He has to say about it. Trust me He will answer in some form or fashion. Just gotta keep your eyes and ears open and Not be impatient. We Must be specific too and to be specific it takes                              Step 2: Really look at the big picture around you and within you. What do you REALLY want and NEED? How will it affect not only me but, those around me? If married and have children discuss your ideas with them (once you really know what they are)                     Step 3: Once you get that PEACE in your spirit, can see the vision of your heart’s desires, & the Way looks Clear, become a CSI and research what all you need to do to get things movin’?  What connections do you have? Really think about it, who do you know that can be of assistance or maybe aid in opening a door?  What type of education do you need?  And trust me anything worth having and that pays worth a darn DOES require some form of education. You can’t sit around twiddling your thumbs and saying, ” I don’t know” and Create. As much as I LOVE Young and the Restless – fan from beginning of inception.. (by the way, Adam is ALIVE ya know)                 I know I can’t sit around caught up in a bunch of Soap Operas and get anywhere or Create the Kingdom I want to live in. So, as I say often, ” all things in Moderation” One soap only for me and Thank You CBS that I can catch up on a whole week online. FREE.        What a blessing. Step 4: when God provides more than you asked for or expected, Don’t get Greedy and Don’t be a spoiled brat and take the Father for granted. Remember to do your part in giving to your neighbor and share the wisdom or seeds imparted, so your neighbor and community can be abundantly Blessed too. Last but not least, Step 5: Do all things in the Light of Love.  That being said:

February is the month of LOVE…my challenge for the rest of this month is: walk in LOVE all day everyday! Watch what an awesome affect it has on You and those around you. Be conscious of your actions and Treat others as You Like to be treated.  The giving of the LOVE within your heart  is the best Valentine Gift you can give & it is Free.

Happy Valentine’s everyone.


One thought on “I’M BACK!

  1. So glad you are feeling at home on “Left” Coast! It’s definitely winter here! And it gives us a chance to count many blessings: thank you God for wall heaters, and thick, warm coats, and spicy chili, and flannel sheets! Thank You! Thank You!

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