Things to Ponder

As we enter into the New Year I pray yours is kicking off as well as mine. Consider this: How much different would you go through your day if you knew you were in the presence of your Boss? I was watching Undercover Boss and the Holy Spirit tapped me saying,           “You know, I am with you always & you say I am your Boss.”  My response, ” Ain’t that the Truth ! ” Since then I realize more and more  I am each and everyday living out my own version of Undercover Boss! My relationship and Day IS in the presence of God my Father, Jesus, my Brother, and Holy Spirit, Mother interacting and sharing relationship with me daily just like the Boss in Undercover Boss.  One difference than the TV show, more than just Once my Boss: God, the CEO:Jesus, and the Human Resources Director: the Holy Spirit Bless me and acknowledge my service. And of course there are occasions I am called for a chat too on how to better my service.. Have you Pondered this idea lately. Who is your Boss? And IF you are a Servant of the same Company I AM,                                     How is your Service going? Are you in compliance with ” In this house (company) we Will follow His Word?

Hearts and Minds: Two recent studies in the journal of Neurology reinforce evidence that heart health and brain health ARE Linked. Ponder this: Deut 4:29 ” But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.”  And let’s not forget:  “As a Man Thinketh so is He”  Watch your actions and your heart and you will see how the mind responds. Negative responses on a regular basis will produce a hardening of heart both inside literally and outside as it will produce negative actions that in no way benefit you or others…Positive living produces a softening and Loving heart which in turn will produce a healthier Life & Mindful thinking.

Sweet Dreams:  The brain sweeps away waste and toxins during sleep! Johns Hopkins Univ. found poor quality sleep is linked to the buildup of toxins throughout the body contributing to Alzheimber’s disease.  Ponder that!  Have you noticed how your mind and thoughts are affected when you have a lack of sleep?  Exercise and a good diet aid in a good nights sleep…now we are back to the beginning…How are you treating your temple? In the presence of the Boss are you Loving yourself and your neighbor?

May todays post reveal You to Yourself and give you another boost to living a life in which you can Hear your Spiritual family saying,      ” Well Done my Child – we Love you and want to have Everlasting Life with You…Keep it Up!”

Hugs to all.


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