Whose Responsible?

Greetings friends & neighbors! Hope your New Year is kicking off full of Blessings.

I can testify Mine is. God is moving and shaking my Life up and my spirit is fully on board. It’s time for me to get back in the city and GET INVOLVED. Time for me to be responsible for what part I play in things and to stand up for things I am passionate about or that God is guiding me to stand up for. Time for me to really practice what I preach and Be all that God created me to BE. And That is not a woman who sits on the sidelines just gabbing about it all. When I came to Arkansas I came to help out my parents who where aging & needed a hand & Because I had been living in such a fast pace I thought it was time to chill some and settle into a smaller community. Well, it has been wonderful to help out my parents and get to know them a little better. (read my book, that comment will make sense) But, I am not ready to slow my roll and God has shown me it is not my time to slow my role either but, instead to get out and reflect Him and what He stands for. That is Love and Fairness, compassion, Grace, Mercy, Understanding, and so much more. It is also taking responsibility for ourselves and those we bring into the world.  It is my time to honor both my Mom and God by sharing the values of the ” 3 P’s”  Pride, Principles, and Purpose. Note: that is good pride – like proud of your “A” on a test not Prideful and big headed cause you made an “A” on the test.  Principles includes not being run over or compromising your values or your Purpose in Life to “FIT” into a neat and tidy Box to be controlled.

On that note:

I promised  last week I would post about some things related to Obama Care. I am really not in the mood but, I don’t like to break promises. Which is how I will kick off this post.. Promises…We the people were promised Obama Care would be a benefit to us ALL.  Oh and before I go further I do want to clarify I do not blame or pass judgment on Obama alone..he did Not bring this to pass all by himself, so the 1st whose responsible is:  Both Republicans and Democrats need to claim ownership and be  “responsible” in admitting their part in this MESS. There is plenty to go around..responsibility that is. Plenty for “We the people” also to take ownership of in this “not so hot solution”. So, here I go adding ” MY” 2 cents worth of knowledge.  Please feel free to respond freely with your views but, Know I expect you to be respectful. I will not approve any views Cursing & Hating on me. You by no means have to agree with me but, I won’t allow UGLY to be shared with my friends and neighbors.  said sincerely in LOVE:                                                               This is AMERICA, my website, and I don’t have to allow Ugly.

Ok.  Insurance companies have been for some years now, allowed to consistently raise rates “in the name of” balancing out how much they are paying out. WHOOEEE! The way insurance has worked for Years now, is Doctors, “if they want a thriving practice”,  Must sign up as contracted providers agreeing to take ” contractual adjustments” (insurance discounts). These adjustments can be as much as 60-70% the physician & facilities must “write off” of their charged amount. Example:  Office Visit: $103 charge is sent to the insurance company and they pay $39.88 telling the Dr. he can collect a coinsurance from the PATIENT of $20 and the remaining balance Must be written OFF. Or If your Deductible is high the Insurance says the patient is responsible for the whole $59.88 payment. So, the Doctor     ” IF” the insurance company pays “at all” and IF the patient pays their bill, is paid $59.88. That’s only “IF” everyone pays their portion.  You guessed it with increasing Deductibles to reduce the price of the patients insurance premium, often the patient can’t afford to pay the Doctor their share of cost or Deductible because the insurance premiums are still so high that the patient has no additional income to pay their portion on the Dr. visit. So, it dominos down from the top. Insurance companies taking advantage of We the people & we the people take advantage of the Dr. who then because He is not getting paid, has to reduce staff and lower the pay of his employees, who now don’t make enough to pay their share of cost. So whose responsible? Then here comes the Gov’t getting involved, since We the people, Drs. and insurance companies couldn’t work it out to Love thy neighbor as thyself & play fair. They, the gov’t,  decide they are going to come up with a “solution” that “promises” it will allow everyone “affordable” insurance. Really. How are they supposed to get it fixed when the domino effect began with them in the first place. The Gov’t sets the rates Drs. and hospitals charge by geographical area (has for years) a fee schedule is set & the physicians and hospitals have to charge. Doctors, If they see insurance patients, even have to keep their CASH pay patients within range of those set fees, in the name of “fairness”. The Gov’t has had their hand in how insurance companies work since way back. Who do you think drives the guidelines as far as what’s covered? That would be “Medicare”, The Leader of it all in “what’s medically necessary and allowable”. And tell me how cutting a large portion of gov’t staff who monitored and controlled the abuse of charges (not by ALL, but by some greedy healthcare professionals) helped in getting better control of the Gov’ts spending on medical care? Not to mention, after cutting the admin. staff or reducing admin pay, the justification of over paying management staff to include “all expenses paid” accommodations to sit around a table and talk about it what needs to be done about it. (this abuse is by insurance co., politicians and medical mgmt. staff) Has been for Years!  And NO it is not the case that mgmt. staff always took on the duties of those laid off.  And don’t leave out our part, we the people are part of the reason the hospital charges have increased; the ER is being used like a clinic which opens the door of temptation & abuse by ALL.  And our Gov’t programs are paying for those visits, there is no one to monitor the abuse. Example:  the person that comes in on Friday night congested, no fever, and a headache & you ask how long they have been this way, the response: “Since Wednesday.” Could they have gone to the clinic or Urgent care during the day? YES & it would cost less for all parties involved. Or the repeat person who has “back pain” and is seeking drugs & all to often Getting them. Both of these should be triaged right out the door to an Urgent Care or a physician’s office so they can establish care with a Doctor. The answer is NOT wait so you can go to the ER after hours.  And the Dr.  So, who is responsible in this situation, the Doctor, Hospital, the insurance co.,  or “we the people” who darn well know they should be going to the Drs. office or a clinic?  Or is it all of the above?

As far as  “we the people” voted in our politicians to represent our interests…. Really, Did we? That is another post altogether.

My point is: At this stage of the game we all have to own up to our part in the Mess with insurances. Actually, the Mess we are creating  here on Earth. The planet given to us by God to PROVIDE for us & He even gave Us His Son to show us the BEST way to take full advantage of this Earth and create a beautiful Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. And, He don’t Lie!  He said their is Plenty for All His Children & their is. Yes, Plenty right here on Earth to support ALL of us IF we would but Listen and LOVE our neighbor as God loves us and we love ourselves. There would continue to be Plenty IF we would Stop Abusing Earth, all the Blessings we are given, and most of all stop abusing one another. Again, let me say: God said it’s so and He don’t Lie. Ok. I am getting sidetracked.  Ok me, who has only used her insurance 2 maybe 3 times in 20 years. I have to take responsibility that I have not been actively involved by being involved in things I believe are my rights…like my right to choose whether I pay an insurance company for services that I do not use. If I really want to have something to say I need to get involved with others who are equally yoked with my views and see what Rights and Voice we do have in the big scheme of things…then Get Involved. By the way, Don’t try it..if I found out I had some awful disease. Well, I love my Jesus and I will know that is my road out, that disease will be allowed to run it’s course and I die. God has been GOOD to me and I am not afraid to go when it is my time. And as long as I keep saving ” my Premiums” in my OWN account I will be able to pay cash for the care I choose to have until I do sign out, like I have for years. One of the reasons I Live in America is it’s foundation is from the Word and based on “we the people” having Choices. Which is what Life is all about…CHOICES. It is my choice to live the “natural path” and to leave this Earth whenever it is my time. Plus, most insurance companies don’t cover alternative care. If they do, guess what you pay a higher premium. AUGH!  I can still hear you thinking, so here is the answer to your “what if ? ” Should I at anytime have to have surgery like a hip replacement from a fall, Then I will apply for “subsidized” assistance from the Gov’t & be perfectly willing to pay “Premiums” till every dime of the “allowed” amount on that surgery is paid. I would have no problem with that because I AM and will be a working, striving, American paying my taxes & those taxes are supposed to be for when times are lean and to be used to aid “we the people” when it is “Necessary. Taxes are NOT supposed to be used for daily living support of we the people who are well Able to Work. (read the story of Joseph taxes and tithes are for maintaining the community & to be put in the storehouse for lean times) And so you know, to me that means “we the people” should do any kind of honest work so you can support yourself and your family. And it might take the whole family (whoever is of age) working to support that family. I can testify I have cleaned toilets, waited tables, worked 3 jobs at a time, & I feel wonderful about it. I didn’t feel “Less than” or “used” as I served, cleaned toilets and made $8 hr.  I was happy I was able to pay my bills, that is what I was thinking. I have kept this Principle of Work if Able and with God’s guidance you will make a way out of No Way. That work to make your way was seen by my girls and I am happy to say they do what they have to do and make their way too.  We trust it Will Work out and God has always provided us both with our needs for sure and MANY times our Wants. When stuff happens, I Pray & tell them & friends to Pray asking God to guide and open doors, then I get out there and do what they call, ” beat the pavement” marketing my skills rolling up my sleeves and by whatever “honest” means necessary God and I pay our way for both needs and Wants.  But, I will NOT GIVE away every month, to the tune of $725 (which is what my premium would be based on my income)  $8,700.00 a year!!  to some insurance company and I receive NO benefits at all. God did not create & My Mother did not raise an idiot.  Here is an icing on My Cake, even IF I did sign up for Obama Care insurance, I would still have to pay for my health services because the only way to keep my Premiums down in the $700 a mo. range is to have a High Deductible & because I believe in Natural Healthcare. (again most services not paid for by insurance)  Last but not least, I will resist to the end being pushed into the class separation system they are trying to create. This being done by making people feel like they are better off to make less money so they can qualify for the Gov’t to subsidize them in the payment of their Premium. Nope Not Me, That would be even worse in my eyes.           I am very independent and Like to pay my way. If I worked less or made less income just so I can qualify for the gov’t to subsidize my premium then It would mine and your taxes paying for insurance that I will not use.   Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for subsidized assistance for those who REALLY need it. I am all for aid for children of families that are low income till they can strive and work and grow in the American way, ultimately Growing and succeeding making more money so they can pay their taxes and give back helping their neighbor. That is The Way of Loving thy neighbor and helping one another out. And ” In this house…..” 

One last thing: It is ” my personal view”, that anyone who thinks that what is going on Now is Fair for All the people – well all I can say is:  “Seriously! & Whatever”  More like Fair to None of the people – not even those that put this Mess into place.

All said in Peace, Love, and as this Woman’s Right to Free Speech.  Shalom.

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