Here we Go! Another New Year.


So here we go into 2014!!!  Let’s get out the Box of 2013 & Jump into our Future.

May your year be FULL of Blessings and bear Abundant Harvest in your Life that you may be able to share the Harvest with others.
 For many 2013 was full of tests, trials, temptations, and inner reflection –
 we can view this from a place of misery continuing to moan and complain carrying those seeds into 2014 & bear the same fruit. OR,
We can choose to view 2013 from a place of lessons learned, closure, and seeing what needs change in our Lives. By Choosing to move Forward & embrace all Life has in this Moment we are planting New Seeds daily of things Hoped for in the coming year.
I personally learned Much in 2013 about living in the Present, walking in Love, and having Trust in the Promises of God. I am choosing to move forward planting new seeds to bear fruit of which      I can share with my family, friends, and neighbors.
Having Faith and Trusting in God’s promises my New Year has already kicked off shedding a shining Light of Hope, Changes both within and without, & a Knowing there are yet More Blessings to come that will continue to bring newness of  Life in ME.
 I pray as you step into this New Year you too allow 2013 to pass away as you step into the
Newness of LIFE 2014 has to offer.
Happy New Year Everyone!

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