Live the Life You Want


How you ask? It begins within at the beginning. Seek your Creator in whom you are created in His image with His Spirit breathed in you. In the beginning, you lived life in the innocence of a Child seeing all around you with eyes of wonder and amazement, Only knowing the Love and Beauty of All His Creation. (Check out the 1st & 2nd chapters of Genesis) In your Father’s Love He wanted you to have ALL He created for you and wanted to guide you in your growth that you would Not be in harm’s way. IE: His telling you Not to move to fast and eat of the Tree of Knowledge..He was saying, “Listen to me, I know that of which I speak, been there, done that, got a T-shirt”       . It wasn’t that he put something in our presence to tempt us or deny us. He knew we were not mature enough to handle the knowledge of Good and Bad YET. And as most parents even today, He believed His children Loved and Respected him enough to Listen and Obey. And just like many parents today we discover in our giving so much Love & not enough discipline (notice in your reading God in the beginning, had only given that one Rule)  Our children behave like spoiled brats, not appreciative of all the gifts given to us nor the Power and Authority we have been given right from the jump. NO, NO being abundantly Blessed and LOVED was not enough. We just had to know & have that One thing we were told we couldn’t have. Our curiosity stepped in & it took only one defiant child, to abuse the knowledge He had, & simply suggest to one other (who tells another & another) ” don’t listen to Him – you won’t surely die” Then In our lack of maturity and knowledge we fell for the Lie. A bad habit we still repeat. God wasn’t talking about a physical Death, He was talking a death of our spirit within that was not mature enough to handle what would be revealed. A death of the purity of LOVE, which DOES heal and produce a Good & abundant harvest in All we do. The Father was not being a cruel Father, He was being a protective Father wanting to raise us up gently & allow us our childhood of Love, Creativity, and FUN so we would have a good solid foundation experiencing LOVE & when He could see we were strong in our Spirit of Love, He would feed us more, then more, then more. In this way, Our JOY could not be stolen..Love would remain in our hearts and His Kingdom created would be one of Love not tears. But,Hard heads we are we planted more seeds of bad habits in our ignorance and lack of knowledge. All the while Our Father continued trying to show us the way out,  even when upset with us. (Unconditional Love He had and still has for us) His final effort; that of Giving & allowing His most Obedient Loving Son to join us in human form in hopes that if we SAW how the Father’s Love and Plan was designed to work & give LIFE, we would Choose to come home and start again from the beginning. Learning how it does Work IF you Work It. Home where Our Father and the Family of God is fully willing to sacrifice themselves and all their comforts that we might Live in all that Love has to offer: Joy, Grace, Forgiveness, and so Much More. Not to mention be FREE to Grow in that LOVE found within ourselves (in a healthy way)  and in right timing be given all Knowledge we need to utilize our individual Gifts and Talents sharing them with all  those who pass or way. In seeking Who you were created to BE and walking in His LOVE we CAN still create & Live the Life your inner Spirit is always seeking…a life you want and one that produces Joy as you rise each morning. So, as we begin the New Year I invite you to join me in the reading of His Word for the month of January, beginning with the Creation chapters of Genesis 1, 2, & 3 then get a red letter Bible and Read ONLY the Words of my BFF, Jesus. And no rush reading, read 15 minutes at a time each day and take 10 minutes a day to Meditate on what you read. If you are not finished by end of January … no worries continue on into February. If you do finish, February 1st I will post my new invitation to LIVING LIFE and creating the Life you want.  Throughout January I will be posting physical things to aid in your creating the Life you Want so, keep an eye out each week for my posts   Oh and as always I would love for you to interact and Click on Comment sharing your thoughts, questions, or experiences of what you do toward living the Life you Want.

Well, that’s my New Year’s invitation this 2014 to Living the Life you Want ! Happy New Year! and I pray you hear Us knocking and share this invitation with your family, friends, & neighbors.

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