Morning!  I had another post – 2 actually that I had written for today. And then a Message from a friend on FB revealed a whole new post for today. One not only from me but, to Me for You and Me, from His Spirit within me. Got it? LOL This year has been challenging at times and yes, those challenges are & have been bring death & newness of Life forming within Me. In this newness, I am being reminded of who “I AM” at my core – that place where I Am who I AM in the Spirit of who I was created, which IS and Will Be Always Me.. Who God created “Me” to be, realizing there is None other Like ME. Many have similar characteristics as we are ALL a segment of the Whole, but, No, not  One is “ME” – “Me” who has a purpose in the Big scheme of things – Me who within Me is Becoming ALL that  ” I ” can & need to Be in the creation of His Universe. That said, the mention on FB was based on my post of my trip to Memphis and she said, ” It’s good to have “me time”.  True statement. Yet, the immediate response of the Spirit within bearing witness with MY spirit within is what I am sharing now (& a little more):

Yes, “Me time”, as the world interprets it, is good but, isn’t each moment “Me Time”? Life is meant to BE in our ” Beingness ” Who God created us to Be and to Live IN each moment. After all each day IS the Rest of our lives. So, shouldn’t we Live each day as Who we ARE that we might Live daily in the “Rest” of our daily experiences? Shouldn’t we be seeking & enjoying the Blessings throughout each day, as we grow and develop in our fellowship with our Neighbors ( Family & Friends )? Is it not our calling to Love & Live lifting one another as we share our Oneness of Life  on and as part of this Earth?  In living as Who you Are we Each Live not Boxed in but, “out of the Box” – old things Die, seasons change within and without & newness of Life continuously Creates the next Moment of       “Me time” which even when “alone” is with the “spirit” of others. Over this year of 2013, I have developed in many ways but, what the Holy Spirit, Mother keeps reminding me of is:   How much I Love Life and ALL it has to offer, how I want to Live and experience LIFE, choosing & seeking to the best of my ability, ALL the “promises and good things in His design that are Just for ME” – on My journey in This Life. The best part is: that the seeds in ME, that God created, are designed to be grafted into Oneness with ALL of You,              His Creation. Therefore, My heart’s Desire and Thankfulness lies in that I AM part of the I AM and Well Able to live LIFE Like Jesus Lived knowing All that IS –  IS Life & it was created for “Me” that I might Live Free as ME and who He created ME to BE. In this I am living obedient to my Father’s will  ” In This House you Will Live as the Creator intended Life to BE ”   So, today to I continue on in      “Me time” Joyful in Knowing All IS created for ME & His Spirit within Me. Knowing that IF I am true and committed to who the Creator created me to Be – I will create an everlasting life that shines Love and Life in all I do- never allowing ME to be buried alive somewhere in the depths of darkness clawing to get “out of the box” of death. In this I move forward, the past in my rear view mirror, as I keep in my remembrance, the words of Wisdom:  “This moment IS Me time All the time.” Smile                                                           And ALL the time I must walk as who I AM.  Not occasionally, not just in church, or when “I – Me” finds the time –                                  But, in All “I ” Do All the Time. 

So, today I pray that when we share one another’s presence, You See ME (who the Father Created in His Grand Design) & that             I can Say:  ” as I often do, ” I am so Grateful for You being You & your sharing of  Your ” Me Time”  Hugs!

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