Power of Words

Have you ever spent a week listening to your Words and the Words of others?

Try it. What it reveals is pretty amazing. Something I noticed is in our being unique creations we hear and interpret Words said or read in very different ways. All to often, not in the context they were meant at all. I believe this is for a few reasons in which I want to address in this post. One: is how written Words are presented. Have you ever had someone say, “You gotta read this book, it is so well written”? Then you read it and think, ” I don’t know what they are talking about, this is not so great to me.”  to ME, being the key words.  This is where our individuality steps in. What touches the heart and mind of one individual may not touch the heart and mind of another. Example: I went to the library to check out “Conversations with God” which I had attempted to read years ago and thought I would give it another shot. Even though it is well written and holds many of the same views I do, the Way the words are written do not resonate with Me, which in turn makes it very hard to read. Where “As A Man Thinketh” speaks loud and clear and is one of my favorites.            Two: is how Words are said. There are a lot of factors involved in our speaking; emotions, environment, & education being the toppers, in my experience anyway. These 3 things really have an effect on communication which is why I believe The Word says,                     Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.(or people not like minded) For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness?      Or what fellowship has light with darkness. 2 Corin.6:14  Note: I put or people not like minded. I bring attention to this because when communicating it can be very difficult when you have almost totally different views. What you say can be so misinterpreted or misunderstood for so many various reasons & most of those reason are founded in emotions, environment, & education.  As adults, Many of us when we talk just talk, thinking surely the one we are talking to understands where we are coming from. But, I have learned this could not be further from the truth. Especially, if the two of you have not walked even close to the same journey in life. So, before you speak, get to know the person you are talking to just a little. Don’t get into touchy subjects like politics for example. Then consider what is about to proceed from your mouth. As Proverbs 18:21 says: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof”  my favorite verse holding a sure Truth:  Words do have the power of LIfe and Death in one another’s lives. A verse I am doing my best to keep in the forefront of my mind, but, as my Mother said, ” I am not perfect, “YET” Smile                      Three: is our thought process once we hear or read whatever. Another area we really need to Stop and pay attention before we jump  to conclusions or pass judgment.(something we are called not to do in the 1st place. smile)  And for heavens sake, don’t over analyze ! A flaw I’ve been known to have If I don’t Stop myself. This only allows the mind to add more to what was said or heard than was originally intended. Instead, Step out the Box, look at the context, consider the source, and in some cases the Bigger Picture. Consider Last but, most important: Seek what Jesus says about it. After much study & life experiences in various cultures and beliefs, I can testify what Jesus has to say about it is tried and True and can be Trusted.

Why am I on this today? Well, the Holy Spirit has been really speaking to me to share some of my insight on this. His Spirit telling my spirit, ” mankind would sure get along better IF We would just consider these three things. And Life itself is showing me there are others equally yoked with Me and my Words (seeds planted)  in this post will resonate with your spirit & hopefully bear “good fruit”.

Have a Blessed Day!  And remember always ” Life and Death are in the Power of the Tongue” – The Power is in the Word(s)

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