Makin’ Thru Winter

Well, here we go, into the COLD, dreary, & days of boredom or depression, for many anyway. Like me, many have S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) a clinical name for I’m Sad cause it is dreary and grey! LOL  But, you don’t have to stay there! Life is All About Choices and believe it or not, there are Lots of things to do during Winter Solstice. One of my favs is “getting my spring cleaning and organizing out of the way”   Who wants to clean in the Spring? Seriously, after months of winter you want OUT and about and cleaning is Not typically one of the top things on people’s list. Who came up with that idea anyway? So, turn on your music and get to it, ya gotta stay in a lot so why not make good use of it. You can have some Fun with your kids too while you are at it. If you have floors with no carpet put, your socks on and SLIDE – fun, fun and cleans the floor at the same time. Might wanna wear a helmet just in case you slide a little to hard. LOL   This season is a great time to Cook too and teach your kids how to cook. Fun times can be had in the kitchen. And depending on how messy that gets you might be teaching them how to clean the kitchen too. Smile Or pamper yourself with a Hot Soak in the Tub or a good work out. That will heat you up and come Spring you’ll be Lookin’ Good!  How about some reading? Fun fiction or what a wonderful time to spend with Jesus. Allow Him to tend to your inner garden so when Spring comes you will blossom in all His glory. If you are open minded you can spend some time in Fiction and with a humans view of Jesus as a young man. Check out ” LAMB, the Gospel according to Biff, Christ’s childhood friend” by Christopher Moore.  It is humorous and he still gets Jesus point across too. Remember, I said if you are open minded so, if you aren’t and you read it anyway, I don’t need comments passing judgment on my suggesting this read. (FYI – it is not for children) I just know as a human being full of flaws this book made me see a lot about myself, others, and Jesus from the very Basics of human nature.  If you are more fundamental stick with “Conversations with God”, “As a Man Thinketh”  or ” A Road Less Traveled” and of course the KJV Bible is a Sure way to get to know our Lord.  Ok, well that’s it for now. Keep an eye out! I will be posting recipes, pamper me tips, and other tips that I hope will lift you up during this winter season.         Shalom and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Makin’ Thru Winter

  1. My favorite things about winter are flannel sheets and cool winter nights! I adore sleeping in a cool room and in the winter that means opening the window and climbing into a bed piled high with blankets and covered in soft, cozy flannel. What a restful night!

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