I AM part of the Creation of the I AM

Today, I would like to send this reminder. We the people, are a part of the “I AM” creation; one part of creation designed as a web of relationships within ALL things created. None perfect yet, as ALL were designed to LIVE out a journey to Being, reproducing, Becoming the Best we can Be. How?  By choosing to operate within the relationship of that Love showered upon us in the Beginning by God. All LIFE was created for relationship with one another & dependent as ONE upon another thru the LOVE of one another and ALL Living things. This includes the family of God whose heart’s desire it is to continue with us in relationship.  All things Created were created to experience, exhibit, and Share Love. It is through Wisdom and our Choices, our physical and spiritual bodies whether you be a person, animal, plant, any living thing that we interact ,thrive, and “grow” to BE.

So, today my friends, Look around you, think before you speak, listen for Wisdom to reveal the Best Choice, & in that infinite Wisdom Love will come forth & guide you ,as one of my friends says, to “Choose Good Things” both for you and ALL those things in the universe you “are” in relationship with daily.

One more reminder, this includes choosing the best foods to have relationship with that your body and mind will thrive at it’s ultimate best. On that note, Love yourself this week, have some mint in your tea . For more great tips check out the website: RawforBeauty.com

Hugs & Much Love sent your way!  SMILE

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