Changing Colors bring change in You

As we move toward Fall and the changing colors of the season, I’d like to suggest you observe your moods.

Many say, “oh that stuff doesn’t affect me”. But, statistical studies have proven otherwise, over and over again. Research shows the hues that surround you can affect everything from your  appetite to your productivity on the job. Typically we just go along not paying much attention to things like this but, if you are observant you might be surprised at how “colors” affect you too. Did you know, warm colors such as red and yellow have longer wavelengths that make them more  stimulating, while cool colors including blue, green and purple possess shorter  wavelengths that produce tranquility?  This is part of why as we step into fall we start feeling like getting out, walking again, & looking forward to a nice long drive to watch the changing of the leaves.
To often I think we get so caught up in life we forget to pay attention to how everything God created is interconnected and in ALL things there is a cause and effect. So, as we move into the change of the season, I say it again…take a moment and observe the awesomeness of God’s creation.  Watch and Pay attention, I think you will see Fall colors Do change Your mood too.

As for me, the many hues of gold, vibrant browns, and various shades of orange are my favorites of the seasons, ooh and I can’t leave out the Rich Reds!  I just LOVE IT and the mood change they bring; feelings of warmth, comfort, Pazzazz !   OMG just talking about them all, I feel Richly blessed. Now all I have to say is: COME ON FALL…I am ready for ya!

May you all enjoy the changes both within and without this season!

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