Give your Feet a REST! They are what truly holds you UP!

Unless of course, you have been on break far to long. But, that is another Post. Smile

Today, I want to share a Break time that your whole body will love your for. It begins at your feet thru Reflexology! There are many ways & places you can go to tap the points in your feet which in turn run right up thru your entire body. Of course, there are many massage places you can go but, did you know there are other venues all around you. What about you and your mate massaging one another’s feet? Or you and a friend or neighbor. I don’t know how is not a valid excuse. You can go online,& learn @ Or be creative if you have the yard space and design a Reflexology Path, like we are doing at our Community Site, Serenity Point  to be used for years to come:                                  .  For us single folks there is HAND massage/reflexology.                                                                            Or IF you are flexible, like me, you can do your own feet too. Smile

Moving on, here are a few tidbits about Reflexology which I pray will make you stop and try it out for at least 20 mins. TODAY and many more days to come!

 Reflexology is based upon  the idea that there are different pressure points of the hands and feet that  relate to your organs. Mankind has known and practiced it since way back in time. Think about it, in Jesus times they knew one of The Ways of Healing and Rest was through Reflexology. Remember when He sat down to rest & had a woman come with the finest oils to “wash and massage” His feet. Or how about when He gird himself and washed the disciples feet. Not only was this method of cleansing it was a Way to Serve one another in Love and Tenderness.

One of the ways to check out the benefits of reflexology is very simple,  the use of it as an aid in relieving headaches.                 This simple form of  reflexology involves using a pressure point in the base of the thumb, and by  pressing down very firmly it sends a signal to the headache and nearly shuts it  off while the pressure is being applied.   What we call the base of the thumb is not on the outside, but the inside  rounded part.  There is a spot in between  that soft portion of the thumb and palm of the hand where this pressure relief  is generated and very effective for most patients.

There are not only physical benefits of reflexology, but  psychological benefits too.  Most people will tell you because they feel better physically, it aids in their feeling better psychologically.  If you’re tired all the time, or in constant pain, it doesn’t  keep the spirits uplifted now does it?  By being able  to unlock back pain and joint pain, it also provides the ability  to concentrate better and be more active.   For instance, when reflexology helps correct poor circulation, it can  help those who suffer from arthritis dramatically.  When a patient suffers from asthma or other  lung problems, reflexology can assist in relieving the symptoms so you don’t  feel short of breath. Reflexology can be beneficial for those suffering  from panic attacks and tension too.  By  using the pressure point techniques in the hands and feet, a state of  relaxation will ensue.  Relaxation alone  can help alter many other psychological related issues such as depression and  anxiety, and it will help release toxins from the body.  When the body is under an extreme amount of  stress, it holds onto toxins in the body and won’t let go.  Once the body is at a state of balance, the  toxins are released.  Once toxins are  released, the physical issues will also be improved.  What does that tell you,                            ” When you take a break and Rest Letting GO of “whatever” the toxins can Let Go and the body can heal being restored to it’s “natural state of being”. Toxins built up in the body can cause liver  damage, digestive problems and eventually will even surface in the skin.  This is when you see skin eruptions appear,  pimples and patches of acne.  As you can  see the benefits of reflexology are abundant, and nothing short of miraculous  in many cases.  In reflexology, the foot is considered the basis point for  your healing.  It is a KNOWN fact that  toxins enter the body through the feet, and by walking around without shoes we  open up our bodies to a world of germs and other toxins.  You can probably recall a time when you  realized that if your feet are warm, then the rest of your body is warm.  This is one of the indicators that the  massage of the feet in reflexology can lead to healing in other parts of the  body.  With what we now know of the  benefits of reflexology, the feet are what truly hold you up.  And

Ok, well that should be enough said. I leave you now to check it out for yourself.

Shalom!   Hugs! & most of All much  Love!




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