1st forgive me for not posting on Saturday as I normally do but, I don’t actually come up with these posts. I am led by the Spirit and this weekend I was not hearing a thing. Then at 5:30 this morning I heard the Spirit say, ” Today is the day we will post. ” I, Holy Spirit Wisdom, want to remind You and all those you will touch, to shift your focus from things of the world and to “Stop Counting” the things you feel like you messed up on today, stop counting what others messed up around you today, & most definitely stop counting mistakes of the Past. They are just that, I have forgotten them and so should you. ” So, I wrote down what I was to post but, then had to get to work so, I sat the outline to the side. As the day wore on that outline became very clear about the message.  I had not one, not two, but, three phone calls that really brought to Light what the Spirit was out to tell me & you. The 1st call from one of my most positive friends, showed she needed a lift today instead of being the one doing the lifting and even though she was wrestling not to, she was counting her troubles. Call # 2 was frustration and a test to hold my tongue and Not count how many times I have turned my cheek with this person. But, instead to count how many times cheeks have been turned for me and have had to have mercy and understanding in place of frustration when I was being hard of heart.  Yes, ME, I have been there, done that, got a T-shirt..not only hard of heart & blind eyes but, hard headed too. So, I found myself praying for her instead of counting. Then the 3rd call was a charm, a call from a very dear friend who has been out of touch for some time, that I “really, really” have missed.  Even though she is blessed  she also has some struggles and had pulled away. God actually threw my book at her and pushed her to call me and as always God was right on time. I think it is a safe bet that maybe she had done some “counting” and thought she had done me wrong in not being in touch. But, the Spirit had told me, she needed some time on her journey alone and I should stand aside knowing our bond of friendship will never die and once again we would be hangin.  I even had a little icing on the cake with a visit from a God filled friend who took me away from it all for a little fun in the sun and a dip in the pool…cooled me right off.  All to often we get caught up and focused on things, situations, struggles, and bummers of what is whirling all around us. We fall, family falls, friends fall, feelings get hurt, and to often we make a left turn onto” Misery Way ” or “Pain Ave” and if we aren’t careful like Etta James says, we can move in next door to the Blues.  This area is where you spend way to much time “counting” the wrongs, both yours and others, and can easily loose sight of that “right turn” that leads ” The Way ” back to “Joyful Dr. and Lovers Lane”. These are the roads you want to take, roads where the light of His glory shines dispelling all darkness & will move you up and over to where you can live out your hearts desires. A place where Earth can be created as it is in Heaven, by who? YOU.  So, today I come honking and hollering, ” Stop Counting the bummers, the pains, your falls and mistakes…Know You are forgiven by ALL those who have the Spirit of His Love within them. Those who always show up right on time, like Me & JC come to you today and just like JC showed up for me thru my friends today.

So, if you are reading this: Stop Counting & hop on the train  of ” We CAN DO IT” watching Misery & Pain Ave become distant roads of the past.

Ya know caller # 3 said on an email to me long ago, ” Choose Good Things” and like I preach constantly, ” Life is all about Choices and those choices ARE Yours”   Very Funny, Wisdom, who just reminded me “Now you just remember; Practice what you preach, girl. On that I laugh and just Hopped on that train… Where do you choose to go today?

Misery Lane or Pain Ave which lands you living next door to the Blues ? or Will I see you on the train to Joyful Dr. and Lovers Lane which are part of a town called Glory?

Hugs and Much Love to all who read this Post.

One thought on “STOP COUNTING

  1. I like the way you put that, ‘counting’ all the badness of the day. you are so right, it’s easy to slip into a habit of noticing only the things gone wrong. But the truth is life is generally good–starting with the fact that we awake every day. That is the biggest gift and responsibility of all.

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