Don’t toss out the Scraps!

Save yourself some money & Recycle your scraps!

The last few months, thanks to my lovely daughter, Karin, I have been growing my very own organic veggies at home.

For years many of us cut the root bottoms off our lettuce, bok choy, carrots, celery, and several other varieties of our organically bought Veggies & throw them in the trash.

Stop! You can sit them in a little water with some pine needles (a good root enhancer) for 48 hours, plant them, and watch them grow.

Wha La! You are now growing your own organic veggies!  You can even grow them in pots and pull them in for the winter. You do need a good sunny house and/or you can get some grow lights to carry them thru. Just One more tip of living in moderation. Smile

 Should you decide to try this out, you will need to keep you home at a good even temp; between 69-71 degrees.

Like me, I am willing to bet, you will find you love having a garden home in the winter.

Not only are you loving yourself by providing your body with fresh herbs & veggies, you will find it gives you joy to your accomplishments of winter growing, and it is a definite spirit lifter to have a house that is “growing green” all around you.

Don’t forget to bring in those Citronella plants too, the house smells good, and is kept Bug free!

Careful though, not to many Citronella’s in the house, remember “all things in Moderation”

Listed below is a website my friend Cheri shared with 16 listings you can grow but, how I find out what will grow is:

 Just “try it”; Root anything you are interested in eating.

What’s the worst that can happen? Whatever doesn’t make it, will get thrown out as scraps, like you have done for years.

No loss there but, lots to gain if it works.

Like all things in life, “it works IF you work it”  “can’t never did do nothing”….

So, join me this winter and “go green” without and within!

We can DO It!

 Check out this website my friend Cheri shared on FB

“Life is but this Moment, Choose Good Things!”

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