Some things bear repeating

Yes, sometimes I repeat myself in my posts especially if they “bear repeating”: to be important enough to state more than once : There are actually a few reasons: 1.) I posted so long ago, I forgot I posted something about that subject before. Nope, I don’t go back checking before I post again. 2.) The same issue is still repeating itself so why shouldn’t I? 3.) All forms of media and even people’s conversations are repeated over and over so again, so clearly some things need repeated. 4.) Most of all, there are new readers that come to my site and they aren’t rolling back thru all my posts either, well most aren’t. So if the subject is still relevant, I may Repeat.

On that note, as we step into the Flu season, a yearly repeater, remember there are some natural things to help your body out. While I was a bit surprised to see this on Fox news, I was happy to see their list of helpful natural tips. Then there is WebMD tips. My Fav is the 19 remedies listed on with #1 on the list: Stay Hydrated- One of the very best things you can do to speed up recovery no matter what ails you is to drink more fluids. Did you know: drinking apple juice will also provide you with vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant and immune-system booster that can help you to feel better. And my very Fav is #3 Have some nice hot soup. And yes, I mean that literally. While Chicken soup is Great! some spices in the soup recipes help break up congestion and get things movin’. I can testify! So here are some good ones you may enjoy.

Well, that’s my sharing today. BTW: The soups are great whether well or feeling under the weather. So try a few, I know I am!


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