Will Earth Survive Man?

If we continue down the road at the pace and the way we are now, NO. I know many don’t believe in global warming. Those same people believe somehow magically everything we thrive on to live will just keep showing up no matter how we abuse the Earth. Wake Up! The Earth & it’s “Natural” resources is our sustainer, the provider for these bodies that house our Spirit and soul.

David Attenborough has a Great New documentary on Netflix Called ” A Life on Our Planet” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64R2MYUt394

It’s not on You Tube yet however, I know many of you do have Netflix and I pray you will take the time to watch. I for one believe the whole world needs to watch the documentary. We must educate ourselves & do our part Before we destroy our Planet, our Life and that of our future generations. Are we really so selfish we just don’t care about Truths revealing themselves right before our eyes? If my words are not speaking to your heart, if nothing else watch it to see the awesomeness of Nature and how all life works together for the good, when it is loved and respected. It is not to late to get involved in the “restoration” of Earth and in doing so “soften” the hardness within the garden of your heart that the seeds of LOVE can continue to bring forth new Life. If you are thinking, “what can I do?” Here is one of many sites that gives some tips or just google it for many more.


Also, there are on You Tube many of David Attenborough’s videos on about life on Earth. They all are amazing. I personally enjoyed the one on the Jungles of the Earth. So pop some popcorn, have a family gathering, and enjoy as you all learn how Life works when it’s original design is respected. I can hear the Earth singing these verses of Aretha’s song: “RESPECT, Find out what it means to me, All I’m asking is for a little Respect, just a little bit!”

All LIFE IS Necessary for Earth’s existence.


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